Twigs, Leaves, and Rubber Bands
Twigs, Leaves, and Rubber Bands
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Ten year old Shauna Blakely’s life changed after her Mother was hurt in an automobile accident. Now having to leave home and everything she’s ever known, she finds herself in Friendship, Maine with her old Aunt Mamie, a new school, and only one friend to her name. But with determination, Shauna will pull together and prove to all of Friendship that she is stronger than ever while learning that there is nothing more valuable than good friends.

“Aunt Mamie,” Shauna said, excitedly, “you will never believe what I discovered right here at home for my school project.  The squirrels helped me decide what to do.”

“They did?” Aunt Mamie said with a puzzled look on her face.  “Well little miss, you gonna have to explain how in the world some squirrels helped a smart one like you decide on anything,” Aunt Mamie said wiping her hands on the towel.

“Me and my comrades were looking out of the big front window when we saw the neatest thing.  There were these squirrels building a squirrels nest,” Shauna said pulling off her gloves.

“A squirrel’s nest?” Aunt Mamie replied. “I guess even the animals want a roof over their heads in this cold weather.”

“Uh huh.  They were as busy as they could be.  I think I scared them away though.”

“What happened?” Aunt Mamie asked, following Shauna into her room.

“They scooted up the tree so fast when I ran over towards them,” Shauna said as she mimicked the squirrels.  They both laughed at her silly way of mimicking the squirrels.

“So then Missy,” Aunt Mamie asked, “are you going to make a tree with squirrels running up them?”

Patricia Askins is an avid reader of many different kinds  of books  Her excitement for the thrills she enjoys as she travels to many places through her reading, sparked within her the desire to write her first children’s book.  She wanted to share with children the enjoyment of reading and how to get back to the basics of making friends.  This book will give the reader a chance to visit a small town that’s very different from the big city where Patricia lives.

When Pat is not reading or writing, she spends her time sewing and designing her clothes. She loves putting extra touches on her garments to make them uniquely hers. She also enjoys singing and spending time with her grandchildren.

Patricia and her husband live in Denver, Colorado.  They have two sons and seven grandchildren.


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