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"Being" is a collection of thoughts provoking awakening within the soul. The words are the vehicle of the journey you embark on with the author into the deeper layers of your personal being - human being.  You can read as deeply as you like and you can revisit the process over and over again.


This is a great book to read in the morning to meet the day and to reread in the evening to close the day. Doing so will take you on a journey of expanding purposeful living. "Being" is an ideal accompaniment to scripture bringing an awareness of dimensions to the truth experienced in our lives.

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Suna Senman-Lane, LMSW, is a founder of World Foundation for Original Human Development (WFOHD), a non profit educational organization. Her experience as a psychotherapist, educator and artist inspired the birthing of this book.  Using both scientific and spiritual/philosophical approaches she created this text to embark on a process of being.


Currently she develops youth programs, facilitates parenting forums and runs Gender Respect Programs primarily in the New York area. The web site for WFOHD is and the pilot youth program is


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