For Music's Sake
For Music's Sake
Asbury Park's Upstage Club and Green Mermaid Cafe The Untold Stories
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The story of Asbury Park and its musical heritage is well known and loved by many the world over. Visitors come from miles to see the spots described in famous song lyrics, such as the Stone Pony and the Palace Amusements building. Little do they know as they walk down Cookman Avenue they pass one of the best-kept secrets in Rock n Roll!

Containing over 1000 never before seen images of musicians, hippies, riots, town life, and artwork it gives an in depth, up close and personal look at a community undergoing a musical renaissance while at the same time struggling for civil rights. Memories of musicians and locals provide a guide to this missing piece of rock history as you wander into the portal of The Upstage Club and Green Mermaid Cafe and experience this exciting long awaited release of the entire Tom Potter Collection.

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Carrie Potter-Devening is the granddaughter of the Upstage creator Tom Potter Jr. In 2003 after discovering the vast amount of interest in the story, with the support of her husband, family, and many volunteers, she was moved to begin searching out and compiling the memories of the Upstage Club and Green Mermaid Cafe. Although briefly mentioned in other books, something telling the whole story was sorely needed. With so many showing a desire to see the photos she started out organizing the overwhelming collection of memorabilia left behind.

Upon seeing the surprise that the original venue was intact and still standing efforts to save the building for posterity were started. Preservation is ongoing and thus far successful. During the efforts, select photographs have been seen on television (History Channel Special-1968 with Tom Brokaw) and in a few other publications. Following family tradition as an artist and photographer, the book reflects her personal artistic style in an effort to beautifully display the entire Tom Potter Collection as it deserves.

I truly enjoyed this book. The information was great, things I truly missed during those years. Carrie, your grandparents would have been so proud of what you put together here! A story that needs to e yelled from the rooftops!
kellie hirth 

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