The Secret First Lady
The Secret First Lady
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Rachel Jones is a successful businesswoman who has it all. Her husband's infidelity pushes her to the edge and after reaching her breaking point; she's convinced to seek spiritual restoration. On her journey to mend her broken heart and establish a devout relationship with God, she becomes entangled with a new lover, more sin and is introduced to a world of homosexuality. Finally after experiencing the death of a child, the possibility of contracting AIDS, and another heartache, she decides to leave her comfort zone for a fresh start. How her journey ends is a mystery and the entire ride is filled with suspense.
It's almost comical all the places life will take you before you realize your purpose for living, if you ever truly recognize what that purpose may be. After all the pain, stress, and mental anguish, only then can one truly appreciate tranquility. Sometimes it takes for one to move outside of their comfort zone just to become motivated; or to recognize their self-worth and love the person that God designed them to be. After moving to metro Atlanta, Rachel Jones realized there was life after what felt like a spiritual death. Why not tell her story? The good, bad, and the ugly that made her the exceptional woman she came to be. What's important is how we handle the truth. What a liberating experience it is to overcome the barriers that seemed impossible to conquer. Rachel Jones is more than a conqueror.... and so are you.
Rose Bush is a Toledo, OH native and a mother of two beautiful girls. After serving in the Iraq War, devoting 11 years to the military, and many years of working civil service, she migrated to the Atlanta, GA area to fulfill her dream as a writer. Look for more to come from this smiling author, to include the sequel of The Secret First Lady.

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