Temporary Power Outages
Temporary Power Outages
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When we think of the word “temporary,” we think of momentary, just for a season, not lasting forever, or just for a little while. God allows situations, things and people in our lives, to have a temporary status because He knows what's best for us. No one wants to hurt physically or emotionally for a long period of time. God was gracious enough to provide us with the term, “temporary.” He said, Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” “Temporary Power Outages,” shows how people of God still have trials, tribulations, and obstacles in our life, but glory to God, we can be overcomers. So many people feel that being a Christian means your troubles are over. Some people even feel that they are unworthy of God's love and His blessings. Meanwhile, there are others who feel that since they are saved, they have everything in the bag. The author of this book struggled with her identity early in childhood and continued to struggle throughout part of her adult life. Only God knew how she felt about life and how disappointing it was at times. The author shares her many encounters with God throughout her life and how He kept her from Satan's snares. She wants the world to know that it really is not about us, but about God and the sacrifice He made by giving His only Son for our sins.
To those of you who are going through in your home, on your job, in your family, or who are going through in other areas of your life, God is ever present. You just need to open up your heart and receive Him and all that He has for you. Don't give up on life. I could have just rolled over and died so many times, but God wouldn't let me. I even thought about suicide as a teenager. Some days I woke up with a fear about what the day would bring. These are just tricks of the devil. Don't succumb to Satan's will for your life. God loves us no matter how bad we think we are. He is always ready to heal and forgive. Get on board with God's plans for you. Your burdens will be so much lighter and your power will be greater.
If there was ever a person who had love, concern, and compassion for others, it is Sandra Peterson Lott. Sandra is a Christian woman of integrity and great morals. With the Grace of God, she has triumphed over many obstacles in her lifetime. Even though the odds were against her, God has blessed her to excel above and beyond the expectations of many people. Sandra was taught at a very young age that if you wanted to be successful in life, you would have to earn it through hard work. Sandra is a Master's prepared registered nurse and is employed at a children's hospital. She sees her patients in the children's clinic of this facility. Her work does not end when she leaves her job; it only begins as she assists people with health-related issues in the community and surrounding areas. Sandra is called on by many people and she immediately responds to the call. Her favorite quote is, "It's not about me, it's about Jesus." She demonstrates this truth as she cares for others. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have met Sandra and to get to know her as a friend, confidant, and above all, a Sister in Christ. We have shared so many life-changing conversations that I will never forget. Sandra is married to Mr. Edward Lott. She is also a loving mother of two beautiful daughters, Kary, a student at Hinds Community College, and Mercedes, a senior at Mendenhall High School. Sister Dorothy Milton (First Lady) Rose Hill M.B. Church Mendenhall, MS

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