Birthing the Lucifer Star
Birthing the Lucifer Star
Releasing the Unsustainable Light
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Do We hear the call?? In our everyday reality, the great spirit calls us to redeem ourselves and those around us from the ruler of this world.  If you heard the call, what would you choose.  For many are called, but few are chosen.  Those who hear and answer the call do so to the peril of their very soul.  Follow the woman of the wilderness and the hero, a great warrior of the first nation, as they risk life and limb to redeem first themselves then all of turtle island...

A sparse, mythical writing style and complex storytelling ensure the success of D. E. Bartley's portrayal of a celebrated Native American warrior   who rediscovers his divinity, and a Brooklyn daughter of Jacob who wanders the wilderness trying to answer the call.

When you close the pages of this book, you are apt to appreciate it more as it settles into the parts of your brain that mingle literature with the myths and legends of the wandering spirit. The entertainment value is actually eclipsed by its brilliance, the dazzling rays reaching out to prior gems and reflecting an awful lot of sublime light as the unsustainable light is swallowed whole, then released. It's cheeky, satirical, uncomfortable, and to some readers, it will be very controversial.
A point in the infinite Universe will send out 2 other points from itself from
both sides, and these 2 points will meet again at their point of origin, this is
the beginning of movement. The initial point is female, (Potential) . Potential
is presented as the womb. The 2 emitted points are also female, as they travel along
the infinite creating eternity. The three together are one and moving, elongating,
represented as the male (phallus). So this is where we all began. You are here in
the infinite universe which contains an infinite number of possibilities. You are!
So in this universe of infinite possibilities, all of which will come to pass, regardless
of odds, how can you ever 'not be'?
The author, D E Bartley is a scifi flash fiction writer, a poetess, and an artist of many different medias, and genres.  An avid photographer, and horticulturalist, she has published with many online e zines and literary magazines.  She uses her life's experiences to write her short stories and flash fiction.  Please help her celebrate the publishing of her first full length novel. 

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