Conspiracy Against Divine Sexuality
Conspiracy Against Divine Sexuality
It All Started in Eden
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Whether you believe in a Creator or not, human sexuality affects every layer of your spirit and life. You are either ‘tickled’ to your heart’s delights by the streams of fiery passions of your sexuality, or are aimlessly drifting through the doldrums of the monotonous waves of life -as a shipwreck.

In this graphic and honest discussion on the complexity and history of human sexuality and its purpose and impact on us all, the author is boldly delving into this stormy topic with these aims in mind: How did it all start and where to find the answers? Was there an original pure teaching of this dynamic human phenomenon? Who was interested in ‘fouling the atmosphere’ of human sexuality? How and by whom was it perpetuated on innocent lives throughout history? What were the results of this “conspiracy” on you personally? How to reverse it? What is “The Song of Solomon” the master lover all about, and how to achieve the ideal spiritual and sexual intercourse?

In this work, the Biblical and historic narratives concerning human sexuality will enlighten us, one step at a time, until we reach the sparkling and inviting lights at the end of our sexual journey.

Many people have a background tainted with certain sexual frustrations or unfulfilled desires.  They may realize this as they find themselves involved in discussing the subject of sex B especially in a mixed group. They realize they can't discuss such a Avolatile subject@ frankly, as they would any other given subject.  Why is it so?  Because passion and sexual pleasure-seeking, as far as they were taught, assuming they have a traditional "Christian" background, were a sign of a sinful nature.

They may have been brain-washed from childhood, and deceived into believing that if it is pleasurable, it must be sin.  Many have been taught that sexual desires must be squelched instead of being cultivated and rightly enjoyed.  Some have been indoctrinated to feel they should be passive B never to allow their passions and sensuality to be fully expressed in marital love.

Now, you don't want those feelings of shame and nastiness.  You want to enjoy sex to the full.  You want to experience strong passions and fulfill your innermost urges.  Yet, that thick wall of inhibitions is hanging in front of your mind and blocking you from soaring high.  It prevents you from experiencing that explosive orgasm that can leave you drained emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Why does it have to be so?  Where did it come from?  Who is responsible and where can the answers be found?

It was the practitioners of religion who could, for millennia, inject into the minds of their unsuspecting followers all kinds of fictitious concepts and self-fabricated "truths."  In the Western Hemisphere traditional Christianity did set the pace.  It did inject into the minds of its followers the foul concept that sex is evil, nasty, and animalistic.  It has taught that sensuality and pleasure are sinful.  These misconceptions are due to erroneous religious teachings, unbiblical in nature and origin.

When we refer to religion, bear in mind that we are not speaking about pure religion and the ways of the Creator God.  No, we are referring to the imagined concepts of man, as influenced by Satan, which were injected into the original religion of God.

Let's go back to the beginning, where it all started, to find out and unravel the causes of human sexual and social miseries.  According to the Book of our Maker, it all started in the Garden of Eden.  Therefore, let's go to Eden by taking a journey through the following pages.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  When the Creator had finished this physical earth we walk on, He left nothing behind Him but beauty, harmony, and an absolutely breathtaking, magnificent and glorious creation.

Your Creator stood with His feet on the earth and watched with great satisfaction the awesome handiwork of His hands.  He gazed with His blazing eyes at the dark blue sky.  He lovingly caressed with His eyes the brilliance and glory of the sun, the moon, and the sparkling stars that He created for a purpose yet to be revealed.  He stroke with His hands the manes and coats of some of the peaceful animals grazing by

The earth in all its splendid colors lay before Him.  It was arrayed as a tapestry with plants, trees, and flowers.  All bursting forth with exotic fragrances.  Green grass spread out everywhere as a carpet woven with blazing and colorful flowers.

Not far from where He stood, the roaring and splashing waves of the sea sounded their frolicking laughter.  Their thunderous voice overwhelmed the soft sounds of the quietly flowing rivers and small waterfalls.  The mighty Creator stared into the depths of the ocean, His eyes admiringly beheld the multitude of sea creatures.  The air teemed with myriad varieties of birds, while their singing voices uttered the first few sounds of melodic music.  The light of the sun penetrated the deepest spots of the garden called Eden.  The whole atmosphere was that of joy and fabulous beauty.

At that serene moment, the rumbling voice, like many waters, of the Creator of all things was heard, saying, "It is good."  Yet the creation was not finished.  The last and most glorious epic of the creation week was yet to unfold before the eyes of the angels.  The land was filled with unspeakable joy.  Suddenly, the Master Potter of all stooped down on His knees.  His hands first clutched, then carefully molded a fistful of clay.  The experienced hands of the Master Artist formed, from the dust and red mud, an image that resembled its own Creator.

As one would behold his image in the crystal clear water, so did the Master Potter fasten His eyes, with utter fascination and pleasure, on the perfect image before Him.  Upon receiving the breath of life, breathed into it from the mouth of the Creator, the newly created image stood up and became a living soul.

This was now the pinnacle achievement of God's creation.  The hands of the Creator personally fashioned and molded every part of the body, from head to toe, with awesome perfection and breath-taking magnificence.  As the day begun to dawn, the Great Sculptor stooped down again.  Out of the man that resembled Himself, He built a ravishing beauty.  She now stood with her eyes wide open before her Maker.

After God presented E

Moran M. Judson was born in 1944 to a Jewish Orthodox family in British Aden, Yemen.  In 1949, his family migrated to Israel.  In late 1965, he moved to New York, where, few years later, he begun working with a community practicing both the Old and New Testaments teachings of the Bible.


From 1970 to 1975 he served on the faculty of a religious college in Pasadena, California – teaching Modern and Biblical Hebrew, while pursuing his B.A. degree in Liberal Arts.  In 1975, Mr. Judson begun his new career as a Bible lecturer.


Mr. Judson has published dozens of articles and books on human relationships and Middle East issues.  He presently lectures and also teaches Bible Law from the Old and New Testaments on the internet website:


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