Yes You Can Edit Your Credit
Yes You Can Edit Your Credit
20 Years Experience Working in the Industry's Leading Credit Reporting Agency
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Achieving good credit is much more than what appears on your credit report.  Good credit is achieved by successful budgeting skills, credit management skills and understanding what lenders are looking for when determining if they want to establish a financial relationship with you.  Achieving good credit is a lifestyle and requires good information, good spending habits and a distinct discipline.


Whether youre just starting out entering the world of credit, made some mistakes in the past, life changes has damaged your credit or you just want to be smarter as a consumer, this book was written with you in mind!  Throughout the book you will find step-by-step instructions on how to EDIT YOUR CREDIT. 
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Jolanda served the industrys leading credit reporting agency, for almost 20 years.  Throughout her career, she held a variety of positions with the consumer contact organization.  She served as the Director of Operations, managed several hundred representatives and managed a multi-million dollar budget.  Even with all of her knowledge of the credit indusry, she had her own pesonal challenges with credit and money.  Since departing the industry in 2006, after 20 years, not only has she significantly improved her own credit but through her unique, informational teaching styles Jolanda has educated hundreds of consumers!



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