Love Poems of Frederick Douglas Harper
Love Poems of Frederick Douglas Harper
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Love Poems-- is a collection of the finest love poems and thoughts by Frederick Douglas Harper. The author ingeniously organizes his poems into six sections of the book: (1) romantic poems, (2) nostalgic love poems, (3) sensual love poems, (4) poems on love lost, (5) poems on love restored, and (6) poems on love of family, children, friends, and nature. Harper's universal themes in his Love Poems-- are timeless and enduring for all humanity, and, thus, the book's reading and value will be priceless for years and generations to come. The wisdom, spirituality, and overall power of Harper's love poetry have been compared to Kahlil Gibran's redemptive love poems in his classic book, The Prophet.

In Love Poems--, Harper conveys therapeutic and educational messages to the reader through the insightful meanings in his creative verse and thoughts. He teaches the reader the significance of unconditional love, how to deal with lost love in a non-destructive manner, how to forgive and love again, the need to savor romance and romantic memories, and ways to understand and tolerate individual differences that can often threaten a loving relationship. Love Poems of Frederick Douglas Harper also includes precious nuggets in the form of brief inspirational thoughts on love and relationships, found in the last section of the book.


In this, my left hand, I take you as my wife/husband
And hold sacred your life and welfare as long as we
Choose and hold each other;
With my right hand, I promise to work for you,
With you, and for life we may create as one;
In both hands, I cup and nourish the trust we place
In each other as persons and in ourselves as a
Partnership in life.

With this heart, I set forth my allegiance to a sensitivity
For your feelings, and pledge to put no other person's
Needs or wants before your own;
With will and determination, I shall do my best to remain
Patient with your weaknesses as well as your personal
Changes over the years, and I will hold in confidence that
You will do likewise with me;
With this, my head, I will think of you wherever I am
And whenever I can as thoughts of concern for you and
Shared experiences with you.

I pledge at this moment to do all I can:
To help minimize your pains and maximize your happiness,
To forgive you for inadvertent errors of --

 (poem continues)



It’s been long, too long;
So will you touch me with the
Tender tips of your fingers aglow,
And let the heat of love’s past
Set free the spirit of our fiery
Passion’s remains?

Touch me now, in the privacy of
This day’s secret love and space,
That we may live life’s life as
We so once did.

Come to me so slowly and walk
Your image so larger into my eyes’ view
And the whole of you into my arms’

It’s been long, too long,
So will you touch and we touch
As we once loved before?

Dr. Frederick Douglas Harper has authored more than 300 published poems. His most popular poem, "A Wedding Pledge," has been recorded on CD, recited in more than 5,000 weddings, translated into other languages, and reprinted in magazines. An international scholar and professor of counseling, Harper has authored 12 books, including college textbooks and three other poem books. His poems have been read on WPFW Radio in Washington, DC by Nap Turner for more than 15 years, alongside the poetry of the famous Langston Hughes. Harper's first poem book, Poems on Love and Life (1985), has been sold throughout the USA and in numerous other countries, and it has been acclaimed by both readers and reviewers as a classic work. His other poem books are Romantica: On Peace and Romance and God's Gift: Spiritual Writings.


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