Sizzling Cold Case
Sizzling Cold Case
(The Legend of Lori London) A Barnaby Jones Novel
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Sizzling Cold Case is a Barnaby Jones murder mystery written by Buddy Ebsen, who portrayed L.A. sleuth Barnaby Jones in the long-running TV series of the same name.

Beautiful starlet Lori London died suddenly some eighteen years ago. Though her death was ruled a suicide, neither Barnaby nor Hollywood believed that was the end of the story, and Barnaby would not let the cold case stay closed.

When another rising star (a dead ringer for Lori) is cast in the movie version of London’s demise with a new, “surprise” ending, on-set accidents, death threats, and burned film canisters make it clear someone doesn’t want the truth to be told. In his search for clues, Barnaby discovers a connection between the murderer of Lori London and the man who murdered his own son in cold blood, and must confront his son’s killer once more. The story comes to a thrilling conclusion at the Hollywood premiere of The True Story behind the Legend of Lori London.

Blessed with a high energy level, a positive outlook, and keen interest in many areas, Buddy gathered a wealth of material to set pen to paper.

             Buddy had several works in progress at the time of his death. One that was close to his heart was this Barnaby Jones novel, starring the cool-headed PI he portrayed on TV for eight seasons

            Buddy was taken from all of us who loved and admired him before finishing this book.  Darlene Quinn, who worked with Buddy on his previous novel, Kelly's Quest, and other writing projects, completed this mystery novel .

            The Barnaby Jones Fan Club is still in existence-one of Barnaby's loyal fans was President Richard Nixon. A synopsis of each Barnaby Jones TV episode is available.

            Go to,,, and for links to Barnaby Jones and for Buddy Ebsen.

Buddy Ebsen's best known characterization is that of "Jed Clampett" patriarch of that celebrated piece of Americana The Beverly Hillbillies. His second best known is the television sleuth "Barnaby Jones."

Prior to that he was "Georgie Russell," Davy's pal in the Walt Disney classic Davy Crockett.

Surprisingly, Buddy had never intended to be an actor. His goal in life was to be a doctor. However, after completing two years of pre-med studies at the University of Florida and Rollins College, the Florida land boom collapsed, affecting the fortunes of the Ebsen family.

Since Ebsen senior was a dancing teacher, he had taught all his children his trade. Buddy shuffled off to New York to try show business, arriving there August 4, 1928. His Broadway credits include: Whoopee 1928, Flying Colors 1933, ZiegfeldFollies 1934, Yokel Boy 1939, Showboat 1945 and Male Animal 1953.

His film credits include: Broadway Melody of 1935 with his dancing partner, sister Vilma, Broadway Melody of 1938 with Judy Garland, Born to Dance, the Shirley Temple picture Captain JanuaryBanjo On My KneeGirl of the Golden West 1938, Parachute BattalionNight People with Gregory Peck 1954, Between Heaven & Hell 1956 with Robert Wagner, AttackBreakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn 1961, Mail Order Bride 1964, The One & Only Family Band 1968, The President's Plane is MissingFire on the Mountain 1981, Stone Fox 1986, to name a few.

His creation of Cabaret Dada, a musical was inspired by the Dada artistic revolt as a protest against World War I. A song from that show was selected for world-wide broadcasting in seven languages by the Voice of America. In 1968, he won the Honolulu race in his 35 foot catamaran, "Polynesian Concept."

Buddy had painting lessons as a child but this introduction to art did not flower until his later years. From casual pen and ink sketches of old Duke and Uncle Jed he was encouraged by his wife, Dorothy, herself a painter, to try oil.

This led to a brisk sale of originals and three limited edition serigraphs of 300 each, Hong KongSea Power, and Sedona presently 90% sold out. The Uncle Jed Country limited edition series of ten paintings represent a return to, and the development of his original inspiration Jed Clampett and Old Duke.

A great read! While reading this book I felt as if I was transported into an episode of Barnaby Jones..
A wonderful book by Buddy "Barnaby Jones" Ebsen.
David Makin  

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