Making It As An Artist
Making It As An Artist
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Making It as an Artist, takes a vivid look at bringing success to established Artists, aspiring Artists, or those artistic in their thinking.  This unique tool, although written to inspire Artists, will challenge and empower anyone looking to move forward in their career.  With valuable insight to inspire you to press on towards your creative aspirations and goals, and overcome the obstacles and distractions holding you back from experiencing success, this read will personally guide you through it all.  Along with basic instructional information readers receive knowledge on art collectors, galleries, and journalists and what these experts look for and expect in an Artist.  From presenting yourself as a polished professional with style, to the best possible layout of your portfolio, to the proper balances needed to help move you from level to level in your career, you will find that this book’s approach is both genuine and refreshing.

Get the edge when presenting and selling your work. Most art collectors are interested in knowing about the history of the Artist as well as what inspired them to create the piece that has aroused their interest. They enjoy the dynamics that the creative atmosphere offers. Gallery owners know that artists who have social and conversational skill may have an edge over those who do not. If a gallery owner has to choose between two equally qualified artists, he or she will be more likely to select the one with the more developed social skills. It takes more than a winning sales technique to give you the favored position that you will need. Being personable and authentic will make the difference. Be aware that you will need to establish a rapport with both gallery owners and art collectors as they are the ones who can give you that extra nudge to get you to your public.
JoAnn DePolo is a professional artist, author of Making It As An Artist, and the founder of Come & Create™ painting classes and workshops. She is a contributing artist for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. JoAnn DePolo is a published artist featured in the 2013 book edition of the American Art Collector. DePolo serves on the Arts Commission for the City of North Olmsted appointed by Mayor Kennedy in 2013. JoAnn has held administrative positions for several fine arts organizations. Her passion to see others succeed in the arts extends to working with teens and adults throughout Cuyahoga County Public Schools and Libraries. Widely regarded as a visionary, JoAnn’s audience extends internationally with her work hanging in the celebrity homes of artist Peter Max, major league ball player Omar Vizquel, recording artists Aretha Franklin and Kenny Loggins. JoAnn DePolo Studios & Gallery offers painting classes, creative workshops and studios for artists to create, teach, display and sell.

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