Energy - the Essence of Environmental Health
Energy - the Essence of Environmental Health
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Are you healthy or just symptom-free?  Stress Stress Stress!!!  Chaos!  Will it ever end in our overloaded environment of noise, radiation, time warp, terrorism, destruction, and more?  Are YOU under stress?  How do you know?

Boy!  Will you be surprised!  Find answers to these and other medical mysteries in this humorous, engaging, easy-to-follow Energy - the Essence of Environmental Health.

Did you receive a “clean bill of health” from your doctor?  Were you told that there was nothing wrong?  Or that your symptoms were from anxiety and depression, and you needed a medication?  Is it really “in your mind?”  Or is it in your body?

The answers are NOT found in MEDICAL BOOKS.  That’s why you need to read Energy - The Essence of Environmental Health.  This book accepts you as the unique individual that you are.  Learn how to devise your own health program, as unique as your DNA and your fingerprints.

Here’s a sprinkling of examples that spark your imagination and will guide you along your healing path.

Learn about: the links between medicine and spiritual Energy, and how together they help you heal.

Discover a new way to assess your health with the Accordion Reserve - our model that describes your Energy and your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS.)

You say you never heard of the Autonomic Nervous System?  It’s about time you listen to your body!  Hear and feel erratic vibrational rhythms as your heart thumps a syncopated beat, as you get scared out of your wits, become anxious and depressed, gasp for air, or rush to avoid the embarrassment of untimely Calls of Nature.  Ah!  You remember now!  That’s your ANS chattering!

Secret mastermind behind subtle and often unexplained symptoms, your ANS must be assessed, balanced and restored as the silent guardian of your health.

The model of the Accordion Reserve© presents a visual/manual teaching tool to simplify the message of the human body’s Energy Reserve. Read this book to learn why the authors chose the Accordion as the best visual, tangible and audible representation of the human body. In our book we refer to a human being as a unified Thinking Mind, Physical Body, Soul, and Spirit.    Learn to use the model to de- velop your own health plan as unique as your DNA and fingerprints. As you heal you will discover your own unity – Mind/body/soul/spirit.

Team Work

The authors’ collaboration represents the melding of personal, professional and educational experiences in Environmental, Alternative, Naturopathic, Orthomolecular, Preventive, Traditional, Oriental, Native American and Mainstream Western Medicine as well as therapeutic and fitness techniques.

Success of the Accordion Reserve©


For the Chronically Ill I, Natalie, demonstrate how I used our combined techniques to recover from partial paralysis, toxic encephalopathy (brain damage caused by toxic chemicals), memory loss and severe environmentally triggered illness (ETI.) My personal story will always be introduced by ♪♪♪♪♪ and will appear in this font.


For the Relatively Healthy Thinking I was normal and healthy I, Alan, demonstrate how I use the combined techniques to prevent a serious illness I now know was beginning to manifest in my body.  My personal story will always be introduced by ♫♫♫♫♫ and appear in this font.


Restoring Your Environmental Health

Please join us as we travel on our musical journey to promote personal growth. Use our guidelines, your own past experiences and your own creativity to develop your own success.

In each chapter look for the expression Accordion Reserve© to highlight lessons that guide you. While it may seem redundant to repeat the phrase, we hope that through conditioning you will gain strength in developing your unique Environmental Health program.

or Was it by Chance?

Our story is one infinitesimal speck in time, yet we believe that, by the power of example, you may gain new insight from grasping life’s opportunities.

From our very first meeting, there were more questions than answers. We raise them for you to ponder as you read the story of our evolving journey together. 

Why did we meet? Was it Serendipity? - Or Coincidence?  - Or Synchronicity?

Do people react to a Plan? Are they part of a Plan?  Do they create their own Plan? Do they have Choice? Are they Pre-destined? 

Based on her personal experiences with environmentally-triggered illness, Natalie Golos has written 6 books, notably the internationally acclaimed Coping with Your Allergies.  In addition to her experiences as an English teacher, she has logged more than 9 years of study in Bio-energy Therapies and 2000 hours of CME in Environmental Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Funcional Medicine and Nutrition.  In practice for 25 years as a board-certified Internist and Pediatrician, Alan R. Vinitsky, M.D. has studied for and recently passed written and oral exams in the field of Environmental Medicine.  His interests include teaching patients, parents, and children creative ways to improve their health.  Self-trained as a marathon runner, the lessons he learned in health and injury form the framework for Energy.


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