True Tilt
True Tilt
An Uncommon Quest
Perfect Bound Softcover
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True Tilt is a story of four executives, each in a personal crisis of their own making, yet suddenly find themselves thrown together on a sailboat in the Caribbean to embark on an adventure that will change them forever.


Nothing is as it seems, as they wrestle with their demons and attempt to unravel the puzzle they have been given to solve together. Ian Brantley, Captain and marine biologist joins forces with Nathaniel Drake, Captain and five-time winner of the Whitbread race-around-the-world, to take this team of four to a new level of leadership they had not known was possible.  Together they overcome the challenges of being at sea with five strangers and grow a special bond that will alter their views about the world, their values and their loved ones. 


True TILT brings to life the Tilt Leadership Model® in the lives of four modern heroes and helps them to transcend their own interests to contribute creatively to a purpose that touches their hearts in bold new ways.

Suddenly the trophy looked too large, too shiny and very, very cold. Instead of success, it represented lost love, broken loyalties, a half-furnished house full of dead plants, a neglected cat and questionable parenting. She sat stunned by the shock, completely present to the pain of loneliness. The trajectory of her life flashed through her mind as she wondered what she’d been so hell-bent to find. What manner of energy propelled her drive for work, so much that it dominated her entire being?

Pam Boney, Senior Executive Coach and author of the Tilt Leadership Model®, poses a new portrait of leadership for the next century. The True-Tilt Leader is a balanced, inspired, and conscious creator of a future that is filled with hope and promises to build bridges with a widened world-view.  In a radically dynamic world, the leader of today must have a more sophisticated framework for decision-making that employs multiple perspectives and polarities.  Leaders who balance Wisdom, Courage, Humanity and Resilience shape a climate and culture for  creativity and innovation.


This simple, but elegant Tilt model paves the way for a better future by changing the way we look at ourselves and our impact on the world forever.  A thought-leader in emergent theories of leadership, Pam will challenge and inspire you to embark on a journey to find the creative purpose you are uniquely meant to fill.


Pam lives with her husband, Dan and dog, Barnacle, in North Carolina, where they work and sail together.  If they are not responding to Tilt, Inc. business, then you will know they are off on an adventure of their own on their sailboat named Skal and Bones. 



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