Mommy's Cancer
Mommy's Cancer
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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"Ellen has an extraordinary ability to capture the messages for children about the process of this illness and its treatment.  She does this important task using a voice that (respectfully) represents how children actually experience their world -- having important serious matters interspersed with moments of curiousity and wonder as they naturally continue to grow, learn, and play.  I would whole-heartedly recommend this book to the families I see in my practice."

-- Izetta Smith, M.A.

Cancer counselor and author of A Tiny Boat at Sea; How to Help Children Who Have a Parent Diagnosed with Cancer

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Ellen R. Meyer was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2007, when her daughter was two and a half years old and her son was four months old.  Ellen wrote this true story to help her children understand and talk about what it was like to be "a kid whose mommy has cancer."  She hoped that children who love someone with cancer would enjoy and learn from the story.

Emelia BensonMeyer is eleven years old and attends Sunny Brae Middle School.  Emelia has been creating beautiful artwork for many years.  This is the first book that she has illustrated.  Emelia enjoys playing the violin, dancing, running, and many other activities.  She lives in Arcata, California with her brother, Jake; her mom, Carolyn; her dad, John; her cats, Poncho and Mandy Bear; and her leopard gecko, Winn Dixie.  Emelia is Ellen's niece.


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