Anybody's Guide to Italian Cooking
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The word Cibo literally translates to food in the Italian language. That is why Chef Michael Ponzio chose Cibo as the title of this book. After training under great chefs from all over Italy and America, Chef Ponzio has combined his knowledge and training to supply you with a variety of Italian recipes from rustic antipasti and risotti to new age seafood and meat presentations. Cibo provides its readers with a broad range of culinary techniques such as making dough, homemade pastas, sausage and pastries. Both professional and home cooks alike welcome Cibo as a reference tool for Italian cooking.

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Chef Ponzio will forever be a student of Italian cuisine. Starting at a young age, he began his cooking journey with his two grandmothers, Marie and Kay, both of Italian descent. As Chef Ponzio grew older, he started working in restaurants falling more and more in love with the Italian culture and more importantly... Italian cooking!

After attending culinary school at Kendall College, Chef Ponzio was hired as a Sous chef at Spiaggia Restaurant in Chicago. While at Spiaggia, he learned about the art of homemade pastas and other Italian delicacies. With every new ingredient Chef Ponzio tasted, every technique learned, he developed a hunger for knowledge he never knew was inside of him.

After leaving Spiaggia, Chef Ponzio went on to train under some of the finest Italian chefs from Italy and America. From all of these incredibly talented chefs, he learned the artisanal crafts of making breads, pastries, sauces, cured meats and cheeses. The most important lesson Chef Ponzio learned from his Italian training was to stay true to the roots. Chef Ponzio went on to become the Executive Chef of Volare Restaurant where he spent time honing his skills and studying true, regional Italian cooking. After Volare, Chef Ponzio was brought aboard by Rosebud Restaurants as Executive Chef of Rosebud on Rush in Chicago, IL. Chef Ponzio is still at Rosebud on Rush serving seasonal Italian fare and following his one true passion… La Cucina Italiana.


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