World Orphan Presents: Children of the Residue
World Orphan Presents: Children of the Residue
Detroit West Side
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Children of the Residue is a fiction based on actual people used to capture the tragedy of broken homes effects on whole communities. The broken home is stimulated from failed relationships, drugs and economic disparity. In turn the children of the home seek love and strength in all the wrong places. Through their travels they learn contempt for the world.

This read is a sharp blade journeying through the forgotten pockets of America’s ghetto. Set in the 1990’s of Detroit’s west side the reader will learn the effects of the crack epidemic from both sides of the fence. The fictional adolescence in this novel are only mirror glimpses into today’s adults. This novel illustrates the subtle decay of morals, transformation of values and ill imprisoned thought processes that made us what we are.

Corzell is a child nurtured by abandonment, rape and hate. Corzell’s naturally good heart becomes poisoned by the conditions of the ghetto norms and society’s iron handed justice. Power in Corzell’s mind is perversely realized when he successfully pulls his first breaking and entering. Corzell graduates to dope dealing, drug trafficking and armed robbery

Book 2 illustrates how young men especially, evolve from being junior high boyfriends to high school predators (players). This piece shows the vulnerability and insensitivity in women that many men overlook in their immaturity. Book 2 demonstrates how the high school hallways for education become arenas of conquest.

While Antwaun Bishop learns his art of manipulation and seduction from his big shot lawyer father, Sharon Stuard’s home is off balance and marred in tragedy. These two children find one another and compliment their loneliness. Neither of them ever reach a understanding on the feeling they believe is love.

Ralph walked them up to Puritan and pulled the forty five out from under his shirt. At the sight of it Corzell reached out frantically, “Let me hold it.” Ralph didn’t want to wrestle with it or give any resistance; he knew the gun was loaded.

“Yo man chill out, that bitch is loaded.” Ralph was super cool but stern.

“Let me see it!” Herb reached out for it but Corzell turned his back. Herb insisted, “Damn nigga you act like it’s a bitch, can I get the bitch.”

Tone and Dino were both nervous in the presence of the gun. They distanced themselves about a house away from the other three. Herb noticed and began cracking jokes, “Look at these two pussies, yall den watched Juice to many times. Yo Corzell they think you going to nut up and try and pop everybody.”

“It ain’t even funny dog.” Tone was even toned and out of character. His exposed fear sent Herb and Ralph into a laughing fit.

“Yo, yall niggas need to be careful with that bitch.” Dino spoke austerely.

“We should shoot this bitch…see what it sound like.” Corzell turned to them wide eyed with a lunacy and psychosis attached to a devilish smile.

“This nigga tripping.” Tone’s shaky voice fell into the wind.

“Hell naw…if my pops find out then that’s my ass.” Ralph replied.

Corzell stared at all of them and had a wild image pass through his mind. Corzell imagined shooting all of his friends and marveling at the damage the instrument of destruction could do. Corzell forced the tempting thought out of his mind and responded, “Yeah that’s right…yo this mufuckah heavy as hell. I bet this bitch could put a serious hole in a nigga.”

“Oh no doubt.” Ralph was still mellow and cool. He wasn’t scared of guns; his father taught him how to shoot.

“How you work that bitch?” Herb asked. Right on the corner Ralph showed them how to work the gun. He took the clip out, put it back in, showed them the safety, cocked the gun and showed them the proper way to shoot.

“Yo that’s the good thing about having a pops.” Corzell claimed out of the blue.

“Fuck that…I hate my pops. That nigga ain’t never did shit for me.” Herb countered. Corzell was jealous of Ralph, but so were all the others. Tone secretly wished his father was cool as Ralph’s dad.

“Let me sport that bitch…let me see how it feel on me.” Corzell stated. Ralph wasn’t intimidated by Corzell rather he had the gun or not. The two of them had grown tight and the only other person closer to Corzell was Dino, Ralph would bet his life that Corzell wouldn’t harm a hair on him.

“Dog, be careful with this bitch. I would hate for it to go off and take a limb off your ass.” Ralph handed Corzell the bulky gun. He tried hiding it up under his shirt and began walking off.

“Yo Zell, where you going?” Dino shouted out.

Deolis Allen grew up in Highland Park, MI. He graduated from Eastern Michigan in 2006. Since graduation he has worked with the non-profit organization Star Fish Family Services in Inkster and taught Reading Comprehension at Timbuktu academy on Detroit's east side. After being laid off from both jobs within a 2 month time span Deolis decided to write novels that would truly depict the teenage mind and morally declining character of the black community.

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