Shakespeare's Friends Revealed
Shakespeare's Friends Revealed
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This book solves a 400 year old mystery about Shakespeare's friends. The contents are based on a theory which fits in exactly with all the words in the sonnets and with historically recorded facts. There is no firm evidence, but this theory reveals a fascinating and tragic story about Shakespeare's associates which will be very difficult to discredit.

It illustrates the theological emphasis in Hamlet and the influences from the Church that Shakespeare encountered. It encompasses the tangled web of deceit between Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius and Gertrude and how this story reflected the events in Shakespeare's own life.

Shakespeare would have been very aware of the tradition of mystical theology handed down in the Middle Ages and was well able to subject his hero to the processes of cleansing through suffering that it necessitated.  For this reason Hamlet must be given extreme motivation to act against the King (God's divinely appointed agent on earth) to see if he will remain obedient to God and not kill the King.  Only if he survives the ordeal will he be given the insight and strength to work through the problem.  When this concept is accepted one can consider what Claudius has taken from Hamlet.  He has murdered his father, dishonoured his mother and taken the crown from him but this is not all, for it is not enough.  It is not everything.


Beryl Hughes was born in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales. She was educated at Dursley Grammar School in Gloucestershire and Cardiff University. Later she taught for a short time in Croydon. Her main interest is playing chess and she has twice been the Welsh Ladies Chess Champion, and represented Wales at the Haifa Olympiad. She also takes part in amateur dramatics and is a member of a quiz team.

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