Green Religion
Green Religion
Inside the Cultural Spectrum - Book Three of the Conscious Light Trilogy
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Deep-heart cosmic communication radiates truths of relationships in-common and the fact that “common ground” is wave/ particle pulsation sustaining and transforming all at the same time.


The “light of the world” is wave/ particle, electromagnetic photon. We are the shining self-understanding of the cosmos, the scintillating light of Divine Instance in nature. Shine on. Shine on, Oh Cosmic Christ. The common anointing of universal priesthood is the Christic consciousness of universal transformation.


 “Green” religion is the essential consciousness of existence-in-common and the human distinction of self-aware purpose in transformation and in the fleeting reality of individual existence. The beauty, the glory, this ictus in time is to be savored in the moment, for all individual realization is in the moment. The past is non-reality, the future is non-reality; reality is in the moment; accomplishments and failures of the past project into the future.


The ascendant consciousness of self-reflection is the conscionable responsibility of living mindfully, in the moment, grateful for the beauty and the glory of being a crowning achievement of the past as well as the hope for the future.


The “cultural spectrum” is nothing other than the grand evolution of the electromagnetic spectrum—the ground-being and becoming of life. The greening of religion is about the florescence of all life, always in process of self-justification. Conscionable living is justified living.

“…Albert Einstein’s lasting contribution to cultures for all times, specifically, to religion for all times, is his mind-changing insight that all substance, including conscious life, are constructs of light, what is also the energy complex (soul) defining the unique “spirituality” of substance. This insight seems so significant that it may come to be recognized as the beginning of Postmodernity, Second Enlightenment.


“The science of conscious light calls for an adequate “philosophy of conscious light” upon which might be edified a consensus on religion and civility. What this writing seeks to do is to advance an awareness of the religious meaning of “intentional light” Second Enlightenment, and the essential insights of organic relationship and self-reflectivity.


“Religious traditions customarily link life and light with insights of divine creativity. In contemporary understanding self-reflectivity is harmonic, transmissible, transformational and driven by responsiveness to Word-Light-Love.


“The process of Trinity, the harmony of Word-Light-Love, is the ongoing process of illuminating the human person. In the face of life’s ambiguities, choices in the process of coming to harmony are not always transparent. Reason and faith are conflicted in their competition to accommodate self-reflectivity with nature. But perhaps now, with the greater convergence of knowledge and experience-based intuition (faith), conflicted consciousness can become more settled.


“…The price of ideological conflict throughout history is tallied in the consequences of interpersonal and societal conflict. The corruptive and wasteful outcomes of the many and continuing conflicts are now universal catastrophes, especially destructive to the fragile webs of global flora and fauna upon which humankind and all life depend.


"Now is already too late to rescue some valued relationships and life-forms. Serious common effort is needed to stay the tide of self-undoing and global havoc.

By the end of my tenth year with the SVD (Second Year Philosophy, 1956) I had come to an enlarged worldview in which I sensed a disconnect between religion and science; I concluded that my life would not be that of an institutional priest. I was now a First Year Theology Student. Professor John Musinsky early informed the Class that each would complete a Paper by February 1957. I wrote on the religion/ science disconnect.


“From 1958-1995 I was in business with my brother Vincent, Representative (Speaker) of the Iowa House. From 1958-1960, I had a joined Botany/ Agricultural Engineering Research Grant to study “The Effects of Drying Method on the Germination of Corn.” My thesis is in the Iowa State University Library, Ames, IA. I graduated with my Master of Science degree in Botany from ISU in May 1960. We developed and sold a system (CHILLCURING) for drying and storing corn grain on farms.


“Some 10 years ago (1999) I received an endorsement from Fr. Musinsky: 'I would like to encourage you in your apostolate. The Church today does not know how to address modern man in such a way that she gets through to him. Modern man is certainly caught up in science and the approach from within his world is indeed promising.'  I have distilled my writings under the caption “enlightened evolution” and am publishing them here in The Evolution Trilogies.


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