Seeing Beyond the Visible
Seeing Beyond the Visible
A Journal of Revelations
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Are you having difficulty reaching your goals and dreams? Do you find yourself making excuses for not doing the things you believe you have been called to do? Would you like to see the supernatural manifested in the natural – in YOUR life? This book is for you! Seeing Beyond the Visible will inspire you to look beyond your personal limitations and move forward in faith to accomplish your goals and dreams and fulfill God’s purpose for your life. God Speaks to each of us through our spirit, especially during our personal, intimate times with Him. When you spend time with God, He will show and reveal deep things about Himself, His Word, and life. It is our hope that this journal will motivate you to spend time with God and arouse your faith by encouraging you to see beyond the visible.

Imaginary Obstacles


There are many imaginary obstacles that hinder us from fulfilling our calling and dreams. (Mark 16:3-4)


We have often faced huge obstacles in the past. Real immovable situations. When people ask us, Whats stopping you from fulfilling your dreams? Or when we are frustrated and fail to move forward, we often use the excuse, Ive always had this or that problem.


These past huge stones, situations and obstacles are real, very real and in our eyes, from our perspective, very great obstacles.  In our own might these stones are very large, very heavy and very great (immovable). They were very real problems and situations that happened in the past. But what is our response to these obstacles now?


When we move forward in faith, in spite of our past, we will realize that God has already removed the obstacles. They are no longer an issue (only in our own imagination). We dont even have to worry about moving the obstacles ourselves. Remember, Mary asked, Who will roll away the stone for us? She already knew they couldn't do it. But when they got where they were going, guess what? The obstacle (the stone) was already...

Robert L. & Pensacola H. Jefferson are husband and wife and authors of several books. They are the founders and directors of Nazareth Ministries and Nazareth School of Ministry; providing Christian clergy with sabbaticals and restful retreats as well as helping to equipt the Saints for the work of the ministry. The Jeffersons live in Coltons Point, Maryland.

To contact Robert L. & Pensacola H. Jefferson write:

Nazareth Ministries, Inc.

P. O. Box 9

Avenue, MD 20609

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