The Curse of Future Tom
The Curse of Future Tom
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The Curse of Future Tom is a compilation of short fiction, novel excerpts, and humorous pieces from the popular online blog.  Ranging in subject matter from rural bank heists to teen suicide to raising teenaged daughters, skipping from fiction to non-fiction as the mood dictates, and alternating between tragedy and slapstick, the goal of the book in your hands is to deliver an emotional charge right into your brain, and to hone the craft of writing as it occurs at a manic, daily pace, right before your eyes.


Packed with the best of his online posts so far, and also including never-before-published works and excerpts from two novels to come, Tom Chalfant has inited you to watch as he forces his Future Self to become the man that he dictates, publicly, loudly, and for all the world to see.

Future Tom, its time you and I had a talk.


Sure, I know.  We cant do that, not face to face.  The universe would explode.  Sure.


And I know weve had our disagreements, our temporal quirks.  Sometimes I put cell phones and car keys in weird places, and I forget to tell you where.  Sometimes I agree to do horrible things, like go and see the Chipmunks sequel, and who has to deal with that?


You do.  Just like hangovers; theyre your problem, not mine.


But really, I dont think you give me enough credit.  I mean, when I started running, and got up to four miles in a month, that was for you pal.  By definition, that was for you.  You were the one walking around ten pounds lighter, while I was back in time, playing with my belly.


But did you thank me?  No.  You thanked Kimya Dawson.  You thanked the Flobots.  You thanked Bill Gates for the iPod, even though I bought it for you.


Sometimes Im so mad at you for things like that, I consume ten beers and a one pound cheeseburger called an Anvil screw you.


But that doesnt help.  Weve got to learn to communicate more effectively.


So lets just say it:

Tom Chalfant is the writer and creator of the popular blog The Curse of Future Tom, and has written several novels to be published in the coming year.  He lives in central Ohio with his wife and three daughters.

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