Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook
Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook
Find Your True Self, Create a Bold & Soulful Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“Jennifer embraces the re-emergence of the feminine divine as the siren-call for conscious living. This book is the new Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for our times. It’s a simple process and a light-hearted adventure; a motocyclist’s litany of how to get on and out into your personal open road.”


Steve Simon,

renowned clinical psychologist & motorcycle enthusiast



“When you’re ready to toss your GPS out the window, pick up Bair’s book. Raw road wisdom for the wman who dares to dive deep, it’s soul geography from the biker’s eye view. Don your chaps and helmet, pack lightly, and prepare for the ride of your life.”


Amara Rose,

author of What Shines: Practical Wisdom for Unleashing Your Inner Brilliance, and



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Let’s talk about how motorcycling is connected to transformation, new age spirituality and personal empowerment. When entering into an altered state of consciousness you experience a floating, freeing feeling, rapid movement through space, developing an alternative relationship to time and space without intellect. This sensation is not akin to trance or daydreaming. Because if you space-out while on a motorcycle, whether you’re a passenger or not, it may kill you. It’s a double-edged sword, just like living a full life. You have to be in the present moment in order to open that vent into the universal energy matrix—the truth behind the cultural windscreen. All the while you are staying focused on the nuances of the road, the other vehicles and the weather.

That’s how it feels to cruise down the road at sixty-five with the wind all around you, caressing your cheeks, filling your lungs and emptying them as the flickering lines fly beneath your wheels. The sun seems to kiss you as you slide through the portal of constant time and enter into the mindless, loving embrace of fate, pleasure and freedom. Have you ever felt something like that? Okay, great. You are experiencing something similar to the trance-like state that many esoterics, shamans and non-local entities will themselves into. These traditions extend from the beginning of recorded history to reveal the secrets of the universe, perhaps to justify our existence? I don’t know why. I just know that this connection fits. It fits into the new age belief that we are the most powerful and experientially innocent creatures on the planet. However, we are evolving at such a rate that it has been proven that mass human evolution is taking place now.


The only way to believe that you can transform is to believe that there is movement within us that is essential to our well being on a very deep level; and that through this movement we connect to a universal source of consciousness, of being that we are all a part of.  This movement is part of the core of our essence and in a simple way, the soul that reveals itself only when the outer layers are peeled back. These layers cannot be removed without releasing our scripts given to us from our bodies, our cultures and our perceptions of their outcomes. So let go and fly toward the sun, give a holler to the moon and jump into your true self beginning with the most basic movement we all have available to us—the breath.


This connection to self on a deep, yet simple level is the root of change as seen in every major mythology in history. It goes along with the idea of ever-changing life cycles which brings us around to the importance of the female counterpart in our species’ soulful purpose for finding truth. Many traditions throughout history give us the Goddess archetype as a metaphor for our varied viewpoints. The clarity inherent in these female deities and their biker counterparts can be accessed and used as part of our travels down that pathway toward freedom and true self.


So, in order to receive what is being offered here you need to take a deep breath and open a space where none was before. It is an open road ahead. It is the fear that has not been experienced. It is the joy that has not been felt, heard or engaged as part of your whole self. You can’t have one without the other. Let’s ride the open road into our true selves, really living the freedom that dreams allow and love provides.


The spiritual age is every age. Humankind has been wondering, wandering and revealing the message from every tradition.  The only true connection that I can see is the lightness of being, the idea that love conquers all and the connection of pure energy that we all have access to at any given moment—As long as we are conscious of that moment. Still with me? Take another breath and relax. This run has just begun.


Our mission here is to use techniques, some borrowed and some created for understanding ourselves better—going deeper into our non-local selves and putting a thread of consciousness around the concept of this vision and our relationship to it. You will find your true, loving, grounded self. As a result you may be a better rider, and better friend to the world around you. You will definitely have a smile and a more grounded sense of who you are through your Goddess Biker persona.


Take your time, browse through the illustrations and the roadside ramblings, vignettes of many Goddess-Bikers, animal spirit helpers and their Goddess companions, and  various quips offered for levity with gravity. This book will pull you like a finely-rooted flower—up from the strong nurturing undergrowth and into the warmth of the sun’s green-filled factory—into the sky and into the world. Feel free to jump into this book where ever it strikes you. The road has many forks and misty little turn-offs that often give a new perspective to the usual ride down life’s proverbial highway. So, you can do this run from page one to the end or from the middle outward – it all comes down to finding your own truth and having some fun while you do it. I invite you to laugh, giggle, snicker, sneer, shuffle restlessly, tear-up, cry out loud and then laugh some more as you take a run on the Open Road: Your Goddess-Biker Guidebook.

Jennifer Bair began her professional life in 1980 as a rock n roll musician/songwriter, recording artist: touring throughout the US Jennifer’s EPK is available and she is a producer/performer. Jennifer’s thirties brought more interest in her community/education. She became a credentialed teacher, a college-published author from Norwich Press, and a creative writing workshop developer. She has twelve years experience in the publishing industry (specifically the U.S. women’s market: Vermont Woman Magazine, Sojourner, and Vermont Times Publications) as a sales and marketing team member, and as owner of Mailworks for nine years: full service Direct Mail Agency, that offered, list brokering, design, print, copywriting, media placement, and catalog/solo campaign consulting and free-lance writing. From 2003 to present, Jennifer has been an active DIY designer, Emerging artist curatorial and events producer. Jennifer Bair Presents and the author of a fictionalized memoir Ticket To Ride and is the author of OPEN ROAD: A Biker Goddess Guidebook, The Goddess Sings: Guided Visualizations and Music CD and Open Road Crafting: Writers Workshop. Jennifer currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her long-time partner Tony Hill and her big ol’baby, Kimba: a  26 pound KAT.


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