Kangaroo's Shoes
Kangaroo's Shoes
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Little Joey Kangaroo learns a valuable lesson as he embarks on an exciting outdoor adventure in search of his missing shoes.

While trying to keep a secret from his mother, Joey realizes honesty is always the best policy and mothers love unconditionally.

This heart-warming book includes skill building for children such as rhyming, alphabet identification and learning about animals in nature.

2012 USA Best Book Awards Finalist - (Children's Soft Cover)

2011 International Book Awards Finalist – (Children's Category)

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A new pair of shoes!

Oh, how could he lose those brand new striped sneakers with colorful hues?

He looked in the closet and under his bed. He looked `round the room, while scratching his head.

“I must stop and think,” he said to himself. “They're not in my dresser and not on the shelf.

If Mama finds out that I've lost my shoes, we surely will feel the kangaroo blues.”

He tiptoed outside and crept down the street in nothing more than his bare, stocking feet.

No trail was left, not even a clue. Oh, where should he hunt for his kangaroo shoes?

Richelle Taylor Krzak has been a published writer for 14 years. A working mother of two, she spends most of her free time with her family and two Yorkshire Terriers. Richelle has traveled around the world and draws from her life experiences for inspiration. She currently resides in Ohio.

This book has been used in our 2nd grade classroom to help with rhyming lessons and vocabulary. The children really enjoy it.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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