I Want to be a Dolphin Trainer
I Want to be a Dolphin Trainer
an autobiography
Perfect Bound Softcover
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How was I to know that my life was to include many careers, three marriages, three children, a change of identity, going out with a millionaire and finding my secret family........

So this is the story of my life. It’s actually all true but I have been selective about what has been included as there are some bits that even I don’t want to remember.

It’s been written for my family and friends and I hope it will amuse and entertain and hopefully take you along the emotional rollercoaster that has been my life.

Of course there are things I would have changed or done differently but it's all part of who I am and what makes me Siân Banks or Siân Williams? – You will have to read the book to find out about the name change, and it wasn’t due to one of my marriages......

We sat in the ‘spare office’ normally reserved for injections, nit inspections and meetings with parents, it was a grubby uninviting room but in those days “careers advice” was a relatively new concept so the interviews were held anywhere, I was lucky we had chairs.

"Now Shawn, (no-one ever pronounced my name correctly ‘Sharn’) what would you like to do when you leave school?” He leaned across the desk with his practiced ‘care in the community, I’m here to help' smile.

I already knew what I wanted to do but I thought a delay for thinking time would make sure that he took me seriously.

"I want to work with animals”, I said, “I want to be a dolphin trainer”.


"Have you thought about being a hairdresser or a nursery nurse”, he replied “or you could be a secretary, according to your teachers should get some decent grades”.

I repeated my answer, “I want to be a Dolphin Trainer, I have always been interested in dolphins and I think I would be good at it”.

He was visibly confused and tried to pull a pen out of his top pocket causing a cascade of pens and pencils to hit the desk, he selected one and I tried not to laugh as he tried to cram the rest back in his pocket. He then scribbled something in his pad and I strained to read upside down – “Dolphin Trainer, no common sense, a dreamer”. I listened as he continued....

Siân Banks is divorced and lives in Buckinghamshire with her 3 grown up children and 2 dogs. Born in Holyhead, Anglesey in 1966, and raised by her mother and grandparents in Merseyside.

Siân now works in London for an HR Consultancy in the IT department managing the support of the company websites and applications.

This is a collection of funny stories based on true events that have occurred since Siân left school in 1982, there is also a darker side where she was a victim of domestic violence and abuse and what she did to change her life and that of her children. It continues in good humour until the present day, that being 2010 and has been written for Siân’s family and friends.


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