A Touch of Immortality
A Touch of Immortality
A Novel
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A young gypsy is tasked with the fate of the world and her heart in this enthralling new novel full of passionate adventure, magic, and supernatural legend... The knowledge of a prophecy her family has kept secret, will bring her closer to discovering the truth about herself. Nadya CooperSmith must face a series of bizarre events, and decide on true love while fighting forces of evil. Determine to fulfill her destiny and follow her own heart, Nadya is willing to do anything. But is it enough? "A beautiful gypsy, two immortals, and the choice that will change her life forever."
When I woke up from this nightmare Ethan was sitting next to me. I tried to sit straight on my bed. "Are you feeling better," Ethan, asked me. "Yeah, what happened to me?" I was confused still didn't remember how I got sick. "You were so pale like a piece of paper and collapsed in the library." "The last thing I remember you left with Alex and this man appeared from nowhere. I must have said something rude, because he was furious, I think I saw you again and that's that." I was lost in thoughts trying to remember my conversation with this stranger. "Who was he, do you remember his name?" "I don't know, I think he mentioned his name but I forgot." "Why am I feeling so drained, so exhausted?" "You lost consciousness Nadya, maybe a low blood sugar. That's what your mother said," Ethan touched my hand. "What time is it, for how long have I been sleeping?" I panicked; my God it looks dark outside has Ethan being here with me watching me sleeping, I must look terrible. "It's almost six, you've been sleeping for hours," Ethan squeezed my hand not so hard but firm enough. "It is that late!" "Now that you're up I'll better go. Alex is downstairs devouring your kitchen; your mom's cooking is really good." "Ethan... Thanks, I can't explain what happen but I'm glad you were there." "Yes, me too," he kissed my hand, I felt my blood rushing through my face concentrating in my cheeks, he smiled noticing I blushed. "See you later Nadya, I'll be back tomorrow to check on you." Later that night I wanted to finish with the notes from my Social Studies report. I'm shocked staring at my last words, I remember writing something seconds after I noticed the presence of that strange man at the library. I wrote with a hint of chill in my handwriting. "He is a VAMPIRE, Run Away Nadya". The word VAMPIRE was stamped in my head I looked at it thunderstruck.
Vivian Ditzler is an Army wife who is fortunate of living with the military community since 1997. Her life entails moving all the time, meeting wonderful people, and fascinating places. Vivian lives with her husband, two young daughters, and her spoiled dog in Katzenbach, Germany. Visit her website at www.vivian-ditzler.com

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