Sharing Orion
Sharing Orion
An Epic Story
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Sharing Orion is a highly unique book, in that it is an Action/Adventure/Romance novel written by a fighter pilot. The main characters, Aiden and Chloe Eason, take the reader on a wild ride unlike any other ever experienced. Set in a fighter squadron, the reader experiences true fighter squadron dynamics and flying excitement — not Hollywood embellishments.

I am Aiden Eason, and I have something to tell you — never underestimate your ability to be shocked. Never be surprised when you failed to predict the outcome of your day. I once was a fighter pilot, I was married to Chloe, the most beautiful woman you can imagine. We lived the perfect charmed life together. We had just made yet another military move to a new station in North Carolina. With each move we saw the same faces and rekindled old friendships. Life was good, very good. Then on one Saturday night I took my beautiful bride to a masquerade ball. Less than one week later, Chloe was picking up the pieces of her shattered life. Surprised? Wait till you read the next sentence. My buddy was lustfully smitten with Chloe. Shocked? I said she was the most beautiful woman you can imagine. Where was I? you ask. Like I said, never be surprised when you fail to predict the outcome of a day in your life. I am Aiden Eason and this is our story.

David Goldstein is a fighter pilot in the US Air Force. He has a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland, and a Masters in Aviation Operations from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He has logged over 2500 hours in the T-37, F-15E, and F/A-18. David lives with his wife and children in Virginia.


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