Messages For Mankind
Messages For Mankind
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Messages for Mankind is a collection of seven transcendental poems, seven being God's number and used frequently in the book of Revelations. Photographed backgrounds were created by author Bobby A Boudreau to match and enhance the text of each poem. Treasures Of Life and Daydream were written at age 20. This book is meant to bring Peace, Hope, Love, Harmony and Enlightenment to mankind.

Triumph and reclaim victory over the life of troubled waters, then you shall be led home where the lion lays down with the lamb. Behold... the weaver of life, majestic and intricate. Forever weaving of fine silk from the alfa to the omega, from the beginning to the end... ...Nurture the seed of love in your hearts and watch it blossom into peace and goodwill toward all mankind.

Raised in a small New England town, Bobby Boudreau's spiritual journey began around the age of seven with a spirit presence and haunting activities which occured in the home he was raised in. During his youth, which included Sunday school, his scientific mind sought out truth, knowledge and wisdom. He was drawn toward the existence of a universal spirit, a divine being... God, the Creator. His desire for the proof of the existence of God was satisfied with his first spiritual insight and revelation at the age of eight. His life's journey has been very challenging and unique in it's own way. Being a survivor, and open to God, Bobby has experienced many spiritual experiences including a journey beyond the veil. He is also author of "Inspirational Stories for Spiritual Youth," and has come to offer the world, beautifully composed Inspirational/Spiritual/Devotional photographic poetry to touch the spirit and spread Peace, Hope and Love to the world.


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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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