The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog
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Dingle...a dog who really wants to help, what a switch! Join him on his journey to get his ideas on the table, the outdoor ice cream cone stand table one very hot summer day.

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Audrey Kinsella
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Dingle, The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog

New Children’s Book Celebrates Helpful Attitude, Determination

It’s a particularly hot summer this year, and Dingle, the book’s title character, wants to assist his wheelchair-bound owner, Aunt Reeny, who is old and just a little bit cranky, and always resists any gesture of help. She, Dingle and the rest of the family often find themselves taking refuge from the heat at Ice Cream Dreams, the neighborhood ice cream stand.

Always looking for ways to help Aunt Reeny in her day-to-day activities, Dingle resolves to solve a messy problem once and for all: the ice cream cones at Ice Cream Dreams always melt before they can be brought back to Aunt Reeny’s favorite spot under the outdoor umbrella! Thus the idea for Dingle’s insulated ice cream cone carrier is born.

Enlisting the help of Aunt Reeny’s nephew, Roddy, Dingle has to learn that hard work, patience and trial and error are all part of making his idea work. Finally, he has the special ice cream cone carrier ready to make its debut. It’s an even hotter day outside than usual. Will his clever new invention wow the onlookers?

Combining whimsical characters with colorful illustrations and a lighthearted story, Kinsella conveys the importance of helpfulness and perseverance in a story that will delight young readers and listeners alike. Take an imaginary trip to the ice cream stand with the help of Dingle, The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog.

Dingle with tools of the ice cream cone carrying trade, learning that hard work, patience and trial and error are all part of making his idea work

Audrey Kinsella has worked as a medical research librarian and writer for the past 25 years, focusing much of her time on finding helpful tools for the elderly and disabled. She has worked as a volunteer for a children’s book club at a Washington, D.C. public library; and for three years was also the director of information service for high technology programs at the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Kinsella is the author of more than 200 articles and the following books: Home Healthcare: Wired & Ready for Telemedicine (1997), Home Telehealthcare: Process, Policy, and Procedures (2003) and Telehospice: A Resource Manual for Program Planning and Implementation (2004). Dingle, The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog is her first children’s book.

Having lived with multiple sclerosis (MS) for 25 years, and learning (almost daily) how to manage independently, she is convinced that now is the time to share Dingle's story. He's not a trained service dog—his owner isn't yet convinced of the need for this training. Dingle's story may go a long way to getting the most resistant people living with disabilities to finally accept a little help that others want to extend.


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