Jocelyn's Phantom Husband
Jocelyn's Phantom Husband
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When a young woman in search of romance discovers that a vengeful ghost won't allow her to be with anyone but him, she suffers an inescapable fate.

Jocelyn began to cry and shake her head. “I can barely walk,” she said. “I am so terrified that I am frozen in fear.” Patrice patted Jocelyn’s back. She waved her hand at the bird, and with a sharp hissing sound sent it and the snakes scurrying back into the hedges beyond. “I can assure you, you are safe with me. Do not be afraid. What is your name, my dear?” “Jocelyn.” “That’s a very pretty name for a very pretty girl. Tell me, Jocelyn, have you been fatigued lately? Tired for no apparent reason?” Jocelyn perked up and her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe that Patrice knew that. “Yes, I have been exhausted for weeks. How did you know?” Patrice drew closer. “Sarah is practicing witchcraft. She is using black magic to put you in a deep trance each night. Once you are in the trance, she makes you carry all the things she needs to do her magic to this area, where she practices her spells. Sarah is an arrogant witch. She even makes you carry her.”

Violet Mariyacha lived in Southern Africa for many years and knows first-hand the fear, trauma and desperation for freedom experienced by families living under such circumstances.>


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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