The Diary of Road Rage
The Diary of Road Rage
Starts out with many but boils down to you
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When I started seeing reports of rage almost on a daily basis, not just on the streets in action, but on the news channels, loaded with report after report, acts of rage on the road, in places of business, in schools; It was then I realized that I had to engage in finding the answer to what seems to be a mad epidemic.

Through this book you will hear Marcus narrate accounts of true situations that you will not only be able to relate to, but that you will be able to take a back seat and become an observer not as a back-seat-driver but from a broad point of view take “the High Road”!!

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Marcus Davis born in St. Louis Missouri, is a candid 51 year old burgeoning author, an honorably discharged Veteran of the United States of America with a total of 31 years of Government service, and is the armor bearer to the senior pastor of a dynamic global ministry in the DFW area in Texas that is changing lives all across the world.

Marcus trained as a combat engineer in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, served in Alaska and also the Republic of Panama to protect the Canal Zone; two different opposites of the weather spectrum. He trained military soldiers to operate special weaponry.

Marcus' experience tailored him to be able to speak frank yet funny to the hearts of real people living real life.


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