...good & bad chair days...
...good & bad chair days...
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A photographic diary that will appeal to men and women, young and old, the tidy and untidy among us.

It records just over a year in the life of a chair, "My Chair", put on this earth (well transported from IKEA to my bedroom) to serve as a drop off point for various items of clothing travelling between wearer, wardrobe and washing basket.

One day as I stood and admired my neatly arranged bedroom, it suddenly appeared, in all its glory, under the window, my chair, adorned with a few days discarded clothing.


"Art for art's sake", he called it!


I realised that no matter how often I tidied the room the chair was a constant display of a more devil may care attitude.


This could be going on in homes all over the country, maybe the world, so why not document days in the life of My Chair?


If this strikes a chord then rejoice in the fact that you are, like me, perfectly normal!



May 29, 2006


… this is where it all began, one photograph.  ‘Art for arts sake’ he called it. This is not any chair; it is My Chair, always there at the beginning and end of every day …


… some eighteen months later the story of my chair unfolds …


I was born in Cheshire and spent my early years in Kent. At the age of eleven I travelled to South America with my family, where, I  lead a very happy, interesting and privileged lifestyle. 

Returning to Surrey to finish my education, I was fashionably expelled from school and returned to my roots and Warrington College of Art. I accepted a draughting position in the planning department of the local council, and this was followed by marriage, children and the full-time demands of family life.

Now, given the opportunity to live a more relaxed lifestyle, I am enjoying the freedom to develop and explore new ideas, not only expressing them through this book, but also creating contemporary style paintings which are available to view at http://www.studio71a.com/.



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