The Adventures of Kef, Dael and Emma
The Adventures of Kef, Dael and Emma
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This book began as a series of letters from Kef the labrador to his mother, Gwen .These continued in the persona of the dogs throughout their long lives.

Living by the sea , in beautiful Cornwall, the dogs lived an idyllic life and had numerous adventures .All these hilarious escapades were carefully recorded by David. Times spent trying to placate shocked tourists who have just been waylaid by three large dogs who felt any ice cream (especially when held at dog level by a small child) was fair game! Nights when the dogs were asked to sort out potential burglars, but ran back to hide behind "Dad"instead .Above all the continuous involvement in everything the humans wanted to do, and we mean from taking a bath to going on trips to London. Combined with illustrations by Ann these stories were a book waiting to happen.

Back on the farm, Ann was involved in her own animal capers, surrounded as she was by a motley collection of dogs, cats, chickens, cows, sheep and a pony called Rocky who thought she was a dog and lived in the house!

This book will appeal to young and old alike, and will strike a cord with anyone who has shared their lives with a deeply loved pet. It is also a big "thank you" to all those dogs, past and present, who have so enriched our lives with their love and devotion.

This book is the story of three dogs who lived by the sea in Cornwall .Written in their persona it tells of their many hilarious adventures as they shared their lives with their long suffering humans.

It is a story to which any pet lover can relate., appealing to young and old alike as it is simply written and copiously illustrated.

More than that however it is a "thank you" to all those dogs out there who somehow by sharing our lives, bring so much joy and companionship .Theirs is an unconditional love and our lives are made all the richer for it.

David and his wife Eileen met Ann when they purchased a Labrador puppy. .Ann and David soon discovered a mutual whacky sense of humour, and a deep love of animals .When David sent a letter to Ann as if from the pup, there began an exchange of letters and a friendship lasting more than thirty years .In no time at all the "dogs" were regularly "writing" to each other .Both true dog lovers they shared an instinctive understanding of the thoughts behind so many of the dog's actions. David's humourous way with words, and Ann's artistic flair proved a winning combination.


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