Powder Boy
Powder Boy
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 "Powder Boy" is a dark ‘Alfie’ for the twenty-first century Lester Middlehurst “ Daily Mail

Jarvis Sotiris is a regular Essex lad with an eye for the main chance. His stunning looks and raw sex appeal have London’s rich and famous fawning.

Jarvis works as a personal trainer in London’s most colourful gym. He meets a host of eccentric characters. They include Max, a bitchy public relations guru to the stars, who becomes a mentor to the tattooed hunk, helps open the  doors of London’s bright and glamorous party circuit open to Jarvis.

To subsidise his new lifestyle Jarvis starts moonlighting as a coke dealer.. He’s desperate to ditch his drug-taking, sex mad girlfriend Shell, but his sexual addiction to her has him hooked.

Then he meets Samantha Harris, a stunning young heiress The normally cocksure Jarvis is out of his depth with a woman for the first time in his life.

Jarvis finds himself an overnight celebrity - the Essex playboy who has won the heart of Britain’s most beautiful heiress. But things begin to sour when he finds himself an unwilling participant in Samantha’s new reality TV show. 

His new friends bring their own stresses. There’s Hammel, a coke-snorting film star who’s hired Jarvis to get him in shape and landlady Kath, a former madam who knows all the seedy secrets of London’s high society

. As his life spins out of control Jarvis realises that someone unknown is manipulating his every step. When things fall apart and his ‘friends’ show their true colours, Jarvis turns to the one person he’s learned to love and trust. But is Max really who Jarvis thinks he is?

Powder Boy will take you from the grim backstreets of London to the glamorous hills of Los Angeles and the exotic Caribbean  .


He owns about ten apartments all over London. David has this scheme in case he’s ever busted. He gets a mate who has OK credit and he puts the deposit down for them to buy a flat. David pays the mortgage and when he tells them to sell they do. Nobody double-crosses David - they’re all too scared. If David was to get nicked as a dealer, any of his property could be confiscated if they could prove he gained it from powder. Since he has never worked a day in his life that would be all of it, which is why none of it is in his name. He even has the cheek to sign on.

He’s clever, doesn’t make any mistakes and he doesn’t miss a trick. He has about twenty lads aged between sixteen and twenty-five working for him. If they fucked up in any way, he’d cut them. Or worse. He rules them with fear and has an uncanny knack of making people feel as though he’s their best fucking friend. Once they are under his wing there's no getting out. I’m lucky. Apart from buying gear from him, which is the best by the way, I never take a favour so I keep the relationship on an even par. They call him David McFagin after the bastard in Oliver. Not just on account of using kids to do his work but also because he has a passion for show tunes.

It’s just my luck that when I get there he’s been up since New Year and his best mate Faggot Anthony is with him lying, looking half unconscious, on the couch next to his table. I don’t know why he’s called Faggot Anthony. David’s always called him that though I don’t even think he’s gay.

David’s off his head big time. Worse still, there’s some kid about nineteen standing on a chair in front of the desk with his trousers and pants down. The kid looks like he’s going to wet himself. David has a knife in his hand and a menacing look on his face. From that I’m guessing I might be in for a problem.

‘What’s with the kid?’ I ask, trying my best not to look freaked.

‘Just seeing if he has the balls to rip me off, the fucking little shit,’ snarls David, turning the knife in his hand.

He fetches me a beer that I didn’t ask for. I know better than not to take it. He cuts me a line that I half-heartedly snort through his gold straw.

Turns out him and Faggot Anthony went to see ‘Chicago’ on New Year’s Eve. As I said, David loves actors and show tunes. I bullshit that I know a few of the cast and trained Denise Van Outen when she was in it. I even promise to introduce him to her, which makes him smile and takes his mind off the kid for a second.

I look at the kid, his Burberry baseball hat on the floor, white shirt collar sticking out from beneath his Polo sweater, Tommy Hilfiger pants sticking out of his designer jeans which are still round his ankles. His neat wedge haircut hides his eyes and his vague attempt to grow a goatee looks as pathetic as he does right now. I can just see him the night before giving it big around the clubs, pulling the girls ’cos he has the coke, his mates looking up to him. They should see him now with his balls hanging out and his dick shrivelled to nothing ’cos he’s that scared. I feel sorry for him. He knows better than to run. David would cut his balls off as easy as look at him. He’d never make it to the door.

‘I love ‘Chicago’. What’s that tune…‘All that Jazz’? It’s brilliant,’ I blurt out, trying to get David’s mind off the kid.

‘I like ‘Cell Block Tango’ myself… He has it fucking coming,’ David says, turning back to the kid.

He asks the kid if he sings. When he tells him he does David growls ‘Fucking sing then, you little cunt.’

Tears start to run down the kid’s face, but he raises his head and bursts into the most amazing rendition of ‘All that Jazz’. I start to feel sick.

David starts to cry and stands up, walks over to the kid and helps him down from the chair.

 Steven Smith has worked in the media industry for over 20 years. He has worked along side some of the biggest stars such as "Katie Price to the cast" of "Bay Watch". He had his own column in the Sun Newspaper advising on hair and beauty. Steven has worked alongside Lorraine Kelly making dreams come true for GMTV viewers by transforming them into their favourite stars. He even made over Lorraine to look like movie legend, Elizabeth Taylor.


He has  been a freelance writer for the last ten years, combining showbiz interviews and travel . His work has been published all over the world.Scottish born Steven, who now lives in London. "Powder Boy " is his first novel and is gritty and sexualy charged, a fry cry from his usual style. Examples of his work can be seen at his website. " Powder  www.stevenswords.co.uk



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