Daddy Doesn't Live With Me Anymore
Daddy Doesn't Live With Me Anymore
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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This book is written from the view of a pre-schooler as her stable, happy home-life is beginning to crumble.  Though devastating to an adult, the resiliency of a young child embraces change and moves on!  This book is filled with positive events and is clearly designed to allow the child of divorced parents to understand that divorce doesn't have to mean the total departure of one parent.  Happiness is still present even if one parent is not.  Change in life is inevitable but change can be good.

"When I was a very little girl, my Mommy and Daddy would take me for walks in my stroller or we would go on picnics at the park and take my puppy too.  We had so much fun together!"
This first-time author has combined her love of writing with her love for her grandchildren to bring a positive closure to an all-too-common problem that young children face in today's world.  The dynamics of the family unit are ever-changing but change can be positive and often times will provide opportunities for emotional growth and added relational opportunities for the extended family.  The author's positive perspective in a sometimes fractured world is refreshing and offers true-life encouragement to families in turmoil.
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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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