Chasing The Crown
Chasing The Crown
An Unauthorized History of Boxing's Richest Prize
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The word purity has a strictness about it, but when it comes to the fight game, it simply defines those who really care about the sport. At one time it was called the Noble Art and the Sweet Science. Few would refer to it any longer in those terms. The respect has gone. There are still die hard fight fans to be sure. But in general sports lovers have deserted the game in droves. There are still mega bucks to be made, but largely it has degenerated into a fringe sport. The time when Marciano’s title defences were headline news is long gone and unlikely to return. Moreover, the dignity of the word champion is lost. A champion is simply that. Now we have three or more champions at the same weight. This is not to be credited or taken seriously. A champion can now be stripped of a hard won title by the stroke of a pen by some overfed bureaucrat who would find it hard to run for a bus. But like it or not, that is

the reality of boxing. One can add to this by mentioning many current ‘historians’, who twist the facts of the game and malign some of the great names of the sport in the name of some twisted concept of ‘political correctness’. For what it is worth, racialism in boxing, or anywhere else for that matter, belongs in the slop bucket. But frankly, so do much of the writings of these half baked ‘historians’. The hardest response they get is to make one wince at their diabolical ignorance Here we are hoping to give a fairer and more balanced view, as opposed to the bias and shallow fact twisting that is setting in today.

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