Case Files of an Internet Exorcist
Case Files of an Internet Exorcist
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The cases discussed in this book are based on actual events that were encountered by an exorcist. There are fifteen chapters of actual exorcisms, four practical easy-to-use training appendixes on how to conduct an exorcism, and the last interview with evangelist, healing and deliverance minister, Frank Marzullo, Sr.


Recorded here are the true demonic encounters of people who contacted Dr. Ward through his website, He had two goals in writing this book -- that others would be set free from demonic experiences and that the methods of a successful exorcism would be passed on and preserved for future generations of exorcists.

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Dr. Chris Ward, Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Education and senior pastor of Logos Christian Fellowship, in Leesburg, Florida, began his Internet outreach with The Exorcist Files in July of 1998, a radio interview program and website, Other ministries include outreach to UFO abductees, Rainbow People, the homeless, and Viet Nam Veterans. Born on Guam, in the Mariana Islands, he has been a missionary to Tonga in the South Pacific, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, and Kenya. He has been the author of several books including The Phat News of Mark. He walked point for the 101st Airborne Recondos' Strike Force Widow Makers, in Vietnam in 1968. He is now walking point for the spiritually oppressed.


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