The Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon
The Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon
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Backgammon is a very interesting game to play with brothers and friends because this skill has two sides; first side, makes you feel very happy in your time like Superman when you become the winner. Second side, makes you feel in a disappointed situation and makes you unlucky when you lose.  However, before the game finishes, maybe every thing changes like after a storm comes calm.  Nobody knows the dice rules in the game. Indeed, it needs to have good manners from every player to keep his friend playing repeatedly.  Whatever, It is a funny game by conflict without weapon in a good time on the table.  The players’ wisdom says, “If you are the loser in Backgammon’s game, you are the winner in love.”

Battle on wood


It is one Oriental Army game between two or more people.  Old people called it “Revenge Playing”.  Players are fighting to win the battle on a wooden board which is placed on one small table between them.  This board is divided into two parts by a bar in the middle and it consists of 24 homes in four equal parts.  Each player has 15 Soldiers (Playing pieces) in one color (Black or White).  The dynamics of the game is that the dice are thrown on the board by each player at a one time.  This game is named Backgammon.

If you want to win the war, you will need to think about the time, the destiny, the resistance from other side, the tricky experience with your power, and you have a luck to be winner.

Ali A. Khayat, author of “The Mathematical Theory behind Backgammon”, and author of other books. He received an Associate Degree from “Institute of Financial & Commercial Science” in 1969. He worked in Iraqi Government’s offices until August 1980 as, an Accounts Auditor and Advisor in Cost price.  Over the past 20 years, some of his best friends have called him “Mr.  Backgammon”. They were meeting to play Gammon in free time at “Baghdadi-Znad Coffee House” beside Tiger River in Baghdad where they enjoyed the cool summer breeze in the evening.  He was teaching his friends that every point has a relationship between Gammon and the Dice or the Astrology Zodiac in signs.


Mr. Khayat came to the United States on June 1990 after the first Gulf War over to live with his brother and his sister in California.  He studied at Clovis Adult Education, and Fresno City College. He received a “Certificate of Achievement” in 1998.


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