Created for God's Pleasure
Created for God's Pleasure
A Challenge for Single Women
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“Created for God’s Pleasure” is for all women in general and single Christian women in particular.  The message of the book is that the single Christian woman has a prominent place in God’s plan for His Church and Kingdom.  The centre of the book portrays a living reflection of the hearts of twelve single women from a multiplicity of progressions, faithful in their service to God, but are on their own and does not wish to be.  They have never been married and would like to be.


Many of these women have accepted this role with grace; however many others appear to have taken up a lamentation of what they see as unacceptable plight, albeit ordained by a loving God and Father.


From their testimonies we find sadness, disappointment, resignation, hope deferred and somewhere in the midst of it all, some acceptance of what might inevitably be “God’s will” for their lives.


Having created us God reserves the right to keep us to Himself by not giving us away in marriage, so that we can serve Him with individual devotion and without distractions.

Singleness: Challenge or blessing


Being single can be quite a challenge for some and a blessing to others, depending on each individual outlook. The challenge is "I am single and I don''t want to be - after all, God created woman for man and I want a man..." The blessing is "I am created in the image of God - I belong to God and He can do whatsoever He wills with His possession".


We must consider though, whether challenged or blessed that God may have created some of us just for Himself and has no immediate or future plans to give us away in marriage!


God may have decided that He does not want to share us with anyone else.  Well, certainly not for the moment anyway.  He has created us for His pleasure, to love Him, adore Him and to show forth His praises.  Perhaps He wants us to Himself just for a season. He may want us for a time to accomplish, to build, to mature some special characteristics within us and then give us to someone specially prepared and spiritually matured for us!


 Our attitude and behaviour during this time of ''waiting'' or, suspense for some, can sometimes determine how long it takes for us to be given whether in marriage, ministry or in service to the Lord.


            If singleness is a challenge for you, accept it and put your hope and trust in God.  If it is a blessing, enjoy it to the full.




Many of us may never have had the pleasure of being the target of human affection to the point of marriage.  The secret smiles, the whispers, the love letters, the gentle touch of the hand; however, what we have had is a love that is stronger than death, even death on a cross.


Again there is the unknown number who may not have the pleasure of meeting their perfect soul-mate.  They may never experience the pleasure of walking down the aisle in that fairytale gown; heart beating in joyful anticipation of holy matrimony.  There are women who may never experience what is considered by society and culture to be their normal role or position in life. However, they could be counted within the category of the Bride of Christ; the called, chosen and separated to occupy the most prestigious of positions in the Body of Christ, the Church.


Joan St. Louis is the President of the Department of Missions of the Church of God in Christ, UK.  Living in Walthamstow, East London, she works locally and nationally with the church to promote Missions, Evangelism, and church growth.  With a small team, she is also involved in Missions in France, working with the Haitian community in and around Paris.


Her main areas of ministry are Bible Teaching, Intercessory Prayers and Hospitality as well as a Conference Speaker.  Her ministry on “singleness” started approximately six years ago and has been conducted in churches from London to Birmingham, mainly to women’s groups from Pentecostal/Evangelical backgrounds.


She has a diploma in Theology and BSc (Honors) in Social/Natural Science.   


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