Spin and Promote Your Way to the Top!
Spin and Promote Your Way to the Top!
A master guide to becoming well known for anything you do
Perfect Bound Softcover
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So you want to succeed? You want more options? You want to have what the “big boys have”. You want to be known as a V.I.P. everywhere you go

or maybe you want to break the glass ceilings.

Anybody can become well known, more respected, much more promotable at work, or much more able to build better credibility, create global credentials and in short just about name their own terms.


Ninety-Five percent of success depends on your ability to influence the

thoughts, and desires of others in such a way as to persuade them to cooperate with you in producing the results you want. This program is about value, your value. You will, by applying this information increase your value to everyone who surrounds you. Most importantly, you will increase your value to you.


This information is also about image. Image is, in this the era of mass communication, the one thing we depend on to convey what we are about. It is about the impression we present to the world, it is about perception.

Image is what the world buys. We buy it in actors, in politicians, in products

and services and the world buys it in you. So we must identify and enhance our image.


This book will become your guide to enhancing your life and getting what you want out of it no matter where it is you are starting from. Practical steps, solid information, direct results.


Want to improve the quality of your life?

Spin, sell and promote your way to the top……you’ll love it!




So you want to succeed. You want to have what the “big boys” have. You want to be known as a VIP wherever you go. You want to break the glass ceilings. You want the power to make life happen on your terms.

Well, I have good news for you. It can be done. But you may have to change your mind-set. If you are not where you want to be right now, you will have to make some change in your life to get there. This book, and the material associated with it, is intended to show you how to make yourself and your ideas well known above others in your field of labor, others in your social interactions, above others in your ability to obtain what you seek consistently throughout your life. This information will guide you into becoming more powerful and influential. This is about you getting what you want in life.

You don’t have to be an MIT graduate or a Bill Gates type—although he did this very well indeed! Anyone can become well known, more respected, much more promotable at work. Anyone can build better credibility, create global credentials and, in short, just about name their own terms. 

You are about to learn how! Yes, you can find the keys to becoming well known, respected and looked up to. That’s true no matter who you are now, or where you are in life right now.

Ninety-five percent of your success depends on your ability to influence the perceptions, thoughts, and desires of others—influence them in such a way as to persuade them to cooperate with you in producing the results you want. That goes for work, social activities and even personal relations. Yet 99 percent of us do not realize that we already do this influence thing every day of our lives. Now, we just have to find out how, and do it better.

 We each possess certain talents; that is, certain things we are already good at. And many of us think that this is all we are capable of achieving. Not true. Each of us can learn, and develop within us, the characteristics of others who have mastered the goals we seek. Nothing is closed to us. Nothing is an exclusive gift.

We can all obtain the qualities that enhance our chances for success in life. We can each learn to be a musician, a public speaker, a teacher, a leader of peace, a doctor, a lawyer, a baker or a candlestick maker.

 You see, no one is forbidden. But you must take the steps to success seriously. To accomplish whatever you desire, you must first recognize exactly what you desire, accept that you can achieve it, adopt the proper strategy, and take the correct action.

 It is doing that makes the difference. There are those of us who will succeed. There are those of us who will fail. It is in believing that you can, then taking action based upon those beliefs—never embracing failure—that will cause your dreams to become reality.

How long did it take you, as a baby, to learn to walk, talk, or even eat by yourself? The answer is: until you did it. Even then you didn’t stop. You kept at it until you mastered it. So, you have within you what it takes to persevere. And with perseverance, you can do whatever you choose to do.

This is not merely a book. It is a learning program.

·        It’s about perception

It is not the vehicle we use to deliver the message that’s important. It’s not the content of our message. It’s how well we deliver the message. It’s about the impression we present to the world: What the world perceives us to be. The worlds perception of you is everything! Your image!

   Michael Anthony

Author, lecturer, seminar leader and former radio host, Dr. Anthony is by education an Organizational Psychologist, and currently Managing Director of the National Business Development Council ,a national Business and Personal Development Firm. He is an experienced workplace human behavior specialists. Michael has over twenty five years of business and individual marketing expertise, public relations management, and human interaction consulting. A former Law Enforcement officer he is an avid student of America’s changing society, interpersonal communications and public image issues, he is well versed in business and commerce trends. As former Senior Account Manager for non-traditional revenue with CBS/Viacom Broadcasting, as well as being the previous Deputy Director of the California state sponsored Business Development Centers, he is in much demand for his personal achievement, personal direction planning and human productivity expertise. A respected publicity agent, with over 10 years as President of J. Michael Erickson  & Associates advertising and Public Relations, he knows the ropes of success in making people famous and careers successful. The consummate story-teller and truly animated public speaker, Dr. Anthony is well received at every speaking and workshop engagement.



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