The Judge Who Thought He Was God
The Judge Who Thought He Was God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A young woman staggered into the lobby of a hospital, and collapsed on the floor. A baby girl is born to a mother who has lost her memory. A kindhearted police officer would befriend her and attempt to uncover the past she has lost or perhaps conveniently forgotten. She would take a job at the local courthouse where she becomes friends with a judge. The old judge would move on however, but their relationship would remain strong...and that strength would be tested. Now a new Judge, nothing like his predecessor, would be coming to town and he brings with him his own style of justice. His egomaniacal ways would make a mockery of the legal system and perhaps bring an entire state down…in The Judge Who Thought He Was God.

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This is my first book and it was started quite by chance. While visiting my wife in a rehabilitation hospital; I met a lovely ninety-two year young lady. We started talking and I told her how living alone was a very lonely and boring life. She suggested I write a book. I had never thought of writing a book, or for that matter even how I would start one. She told me all I needed was a first line and a last line, then fill in the rest. So, I started the first line and the rest began to fall into place.

A lot of things have happened since I started the book. I’ve made many friends that I won’t soon forget. These friend have given me the courage to carry on when I was ready to call it quits…I thank them. The women at the nursing home past away about a month after I started the book…I will never forget her. The strange thing is; I never got her real name. An author herself, she always used a pen name. I hope everyone enjoys the book, and keeps their eyes open for the next one…yes I’m hooked.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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