Words Of Comfort
Words Of Comfort
A Collection Of Poems and Inspirational Writings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Words Of Comfort: A Collection Of Poems and Inspirational Writings comes primarily as a result of requests from family and friends seeking a special way to honor the memory of their loved ones.  Though this is my first collection of poems and inspirational writings, it has proven to be my most rewarding genres for it has allowed me to enter into the innermost part of my being, revealing, tapping into, bringing to the surface tender emotions that have been safely tucked away from others, and, in some cases, from myself.  Writing poetry has lifted me to new horizons as a person, as a woman, as a spiritual being.  It has been cathartic and has affirmed the old sayings that the energy we put out returns to us; and, that so often, when you think what you’re doing is a blessing to others, actually turns out to be a blessing to you. 


But what I cherish most in writing this book is having been given the incredible opportunity to honor life – the lives of so many wonderful people who I knew personally and loved unconditionally.


So as you read each poem, each letter of inspiration – my greatest wish is that you find calm, peace and joy in my Words Of Comfort.


Best  Wishes;


E. D. Arrington





The Power Of Silence


My smile beamed wide on our wedding day

But by night’s end, you had smacked it away

With a fist that came crashing painfully against my face

My first lesson, you said, was to learn my rightful place


Yet, when morning came, you whispered tenderly

With convincing words that the real problem was me

All was forgiven for what seemed truly a mystery

Our life could now go on, you said, the way it was meant to be


Ten years later, I still sit cowering helplessly

Nothing has changed…well, except for me

I’ll not move a muscle

No I’ll not blink an eye

I’ll not so much as dare to cry

As you go stomping by


You’ve taught me my last lesson

Tonight, I’ll count my blessing

Though, for you, I think I still feel love, or maybe it’s sympathy

But this plan, my dear, will include only me

So you just go ahead ranting, raving, spewing out your violence

For when daylight dawns

I’ll be long gone

You see, I’ve learned The Power Of Silence.


E.D. Arrington is the author of the spellbinding novel. Stay The Course, a story based on her life experiences growing up in the rural South in the late 1960s and early 1970s, On The Edge, a gripping tale of romance, secrets, murder, love and intrigue of the wealthy set in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Words Of Comfortt: A Collection Of Poems And Inspirational Writings, and Forever Was A Day, The Sequel To Stay The CourseShe is currently working on  Move Forward, The Sequel To Forever Was A Day.  Her novel, On The Edge R-e-v-i-s-t-e-D, the continuing saga of On The Edge, is scheduled for release in  2009.


Arrington, the fourth of seven children, was raised on a farm in rural Greene County, North Carolina by her grandparents, Tom and Eva Brown-Arrington, until their deaths. She lived and worked in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for twenty-five years before retiring to Wilson,North Carolina, a small town twenty-three miles from her birthplace. She is currently working on Move Forward, The Sequel To Forever Was A Day.  Her novel, On The Edge R e v i s i t e D, the continuing saga of On The Edge, is scheduled for release in 2009.



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