CONFLICT MANAGEMENT - Understanding Bullying & Aggressive Behaviour
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Here is one of the most insightful books on modern day Conflict Management. This book takes you through the cause and effect of hostile behaviour within our communities and helps you to understand why people react in the way they do to hostile/antagonistic words, phrases and situations. This book has been designed to help civilians from all walks of life to take appropriate action against hostile/antagonistic behaviour.


Unwanted antagonistic behaviour can come from a range of sources, such as, an aggressive boss, uncooperative colleague, an angry customer, an arrogant teenager or an argumentative relative. From the direct and practical techniques outlined in this book you will be able deal with people calmly, effectively and assertively, adapt your defences to different types of aggressive behaviour, improve your technique for handling people and ward off any attempts of bullying at school, home or work.


This book will give you the ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with almost everyone you come into contact with.


This book is written in simple, clear language and is designed to provide immediate, practical and effective guidance on Conflict Management to all readers.



If you have ever been the victim of aggressive behaviour from strangers, employers, a spouse, family, friends or a bully, this book will give you everything you need to develop a ‘Conflict Management Strategy’ specifically designed for you.


The invention of stress releasers such as Squidgy Balls, Desk Top Punch Bags, Hammer Pads and Stress Balls have all been designed to give you something to vent your tensions on without causing harm to yourself and others. Although these pieces of equipment are publicly thought of as novelty items, what they actually represent is quite serious.




“It is a sad fact that at present there are people who just want to get a negative reaction from you or their environment because of their social and educational experiences,” said the Consultant.


“But what do they really want? what are antagonists trying to achieve?” shrieked Jane.


“Those who have suffered a disadvantage socially or educationally want to achieve ‘Positivity’ within themselves to show that they are worth something in society.


From an early age we will all fit into one or both of these categories all the way through our adult lives i.e. I knew a labourer who wanted to become the building site manager but due to literacy problems they did not pursue their dream, yet constantly sniped at their site manager and regularly sabotaged the work on site by turning up late and completing shoddy workmanship.



Sylvan Clarke, the published authour of ‘Protect You -The Street Smart Way’ has written this book drawing from his experience as a defensive tactics consultant/trainer, Security Consultant, Self defence/Martial arts Instructor.


It is his ultimate wish that you feel some warmth and safety in the words of his book which is designed to ‘Protect You against Bullying and Aggressive behaviour’.


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