Stepducks - The Ultimate Stepfamily
Stepducks - The Ultimate Stepfamily
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Stepfamilies are those families with children that are often created by the marriage or union of an immediate parent to another non-biological parent or person.

Stepfamilies are rarely portrayed in the media. Stepchildren seldom see media representations of stepchildren coping with family issues: therefore these child viewers have few role models similar to themselves in which to learn from.

Research has established that children often imitate and can relate to media characters similar to themselves. In addition, similar characters are often recalled by child viewers. Since few stepfamilies are represented in the media, this often leaves stepchildren at a disadvantage.

The Stepducks mission is to Encourage all people to recognize that there may be no separation of family and education. Through Stepducks we promote the importance of family inclusion in all levels of education in a very entertaining way. "You'll swear you know these kids." Through entertainment, the Stepducks offers a fresh and public view of the often underrepresented types of families-stepfamilies.

Sit back and enjoy the Stepducks. They promise to Make you laugh, Make you think and Make you care.

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Marvin Dale, a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He is proud and honored to present the Stepducks reality series to the world.

Mr. Dale grew up in a household where there were 10 children. Although by some peoples standards the

Dale family would be considered poor the dale children experienced a rich sense of family and family values. The union of Marvin's parents is still as strong today as it was during Marvin's childhood.

Mr.Dale is the biological father of two children and the stepfather of three other children. Although he did not grow up in a stepfamily environment he quickly learned that there were issues that presented themselves that were unique to a stepfamily. After reviewing several websites on the internet he noticed that there was no face on this issue of stepfamilies.  Mr. Dale decided to create a website that featured animated characters who were based on his own family. After receiving so much attention for the website he decided to offer the characters in the form of the Stepducks reality series.

It is Mr. Dale's hope that the Stepducks reality series will provide an opportunity for both families and educators to understand stepfamilies and their need to be whole.


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