A Trail of Clues
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A father takes a journey into the afterlife in search of the son he lost in 1993.  He becomes aware of clues and information, in the form of numbers, to help him along in his spiritual travels.

These numbers represent the dates of his son’s birth and ultimate death, as well as, a special number the two shared during their last visit together.

At the end of his adventure, the father quickly realizes a new journey is just beginning.  He and his son will travel together, using mediums and other outside sources, to let the world know that life truly exists after death and you don’t always need a psychic or medium in your life to enjoy this special contact from your loved ones.

Contact From The Other Side


     Radisson Hotel, Friday night 6:15 p.m., room 325

     Before leaving the room I speak to Sean: "I''m here son, because of you!  My goal is a short talk with Suzane, and to get a copy of her book for your mom.  I don''t know if you have plans for anything else to happen; whatever the case may be, I''m happy for the validation in the book and for the opportunity just to be here."

     When the elevator door opens to the main lobby, I step out, turn to my right, and walk toward the conference room in the back of the hotel.  There''s no one around as I proceed down the long corridor.  I express my thoughts out loud one final time as I near the conference room:  "If you have any plans in store for me tonight, son, that''s fine - it''s your show," I said.  "If not, thanks for being with me and getting me here."

     During the next forty-five minutes, I sit quietly in the small conference room watching the guests arrive and take their seats; I wonder who''ll be sitting around me once the seminar gets underway, and how close their personal experience will mirror my own.

     I''ve learned from past seminars that the seating arrangement seems to be arranged by the ones above.  They exercise their ability to put thought messages in your mind as you walk through the door.

     People will group together by the way a loved one departed this world.  For some reason, this makes it easier for Suzane to make her connections, as the DP''s intermingle in her thought process.

Standard religions provided no answers to his questions.  Is communication beyond the grave possible?  Does life truly exist after death?  He decides to find out the answers for himself in a spiritual journey beyond the grave.  A journal is kept for documentation and future reference.

His earlier travels in life may have already prepared him for this adventure by slowly developing his innate spiritual awareness: The Voodoo and Black Magic beliefs in Trinidad, West Indies; along with his travels, and final relocation, to the Pacific Northwest, home of the ‘Nez Perce’ Indian tribe, who still practice a belief in spiritual healing and cleansing.


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