Toward a Philosophy of Perception
Toward a Philosophy of Perception
The Magnitude of Human Potential - Cloud Optics
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Lavishly illustrated with 33 color cloud photographs, this coffeetable-sized book introduces the Love in Transition series, published originally in Romania, to the United States. Midwest Book Review calls it “an enthusiastically recommended reading experience,” Kirkus Discoveries identifies “the premise that all human beings, through our individual life experiences, have the potential to make an impact on the collective consciousness of humanity.” It recommends the “nuggets of brilliant insight into life, death and the collective human consciousness”; and the Mindquest Review publisher notes that “Margaret Harrell has produced one of the most perceptive works available for our time.”

Some of the photography is on view at the Gallery Gora,Montreal in the summer 2010.

See book illustrations in the on-line Le Portail des Antiquaires Galerie des Artistes, Paris, And Marquis Who's Who of American Art. NEW: Also at And


“A thoughtful and thought-provoking text illustrating a powerful and extended journey into a higher consciousness ... a seminal work of wit, wisdom, and imagination.”

Midwest Book Review, “Reviewer’s Choice,” Small Press Bookwatch June

“A book to be read and savored and reflected upon time and time again.” MBR, July

“This is Margaret A. Harrell’s gift, . . . the images and the writing that goes with them. . . . [She is] an energy manifester and she’s bringing it through these energies. . . . This is not only an art book, it’s not only an intellectual book, it’s about raising consciousness. . . . [The images are] something uniquely different . . . aren’t in the Earth archetypes.”
Mariah Martin Intuitive, Light Path coach, Channel for Light Beings, Educator, Minister and Author




Microscopically Speaking. From the Flea GLASS to the PARIS GLASS, the Plate-Glass Window / p. 9

Once Lucid, I Dreamed / p. 10

Clouds as Abstract and Figurative Paintings / p. 11

Photo: Milton Klonsky / p. 15

Love in Transition - Let's Take It from the Top / p. 17

Extract: "A Man Called Milton: Experiments in Consciousness" / p. 23

Including the Topics: "Starting with Death" and the Cosmic Christ

References / p. 40

"A this-way, that-way" - Milton Klonsky / p. 41

How I Went from Fiction Writer to Consciousness Researcher, who believes THERE IS NO FICTION.

Cast of characters, from the Soul level, the Emotional body. Jungian structure discovered in the Unconscious, then studied in the Jung Institute / p. 43

Excerpt from Volume II / p. 44

Including the Topic: Qualities from the Past - Riding Them into the Mainstream.


Excerpt from Volume III / p. 54

Interception of the Life Plan, Consciousness peeping up as the tip of the iceberg, arrival of the title of the series, Precognition of Universal Events(planetary issues of the 21st century announced in the mid-80s), the plane of the collective Christ and transpersonal/personal Human Christ

Excerpts from Tienen Initiation / p. 61

Excerpt from Volume IV - Time as "All One Tense": the Universal Mind / p. 75

Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century - I, II, III

About the Books / p. 79

Excerpt: Inserting Consciousness into Collisions / p.80

From "The Gift of the Natural Mind" / p. 84

Subjects, Themes, What This Series Is Concerned With: Energy Inductors / p. 91

PK, Psychokinesis, Mind Through Matter (Chaos in the Printer) - Samples / p. 93

Our Natural Instinct To Imprint Matter; our instinct "to order" through our drive to know

An Aspect or Aspiration of the Human Condition / p. 102

"Prismatic Intelligence" / p. 104

Photos from the Above: Whitman Updated / p. 105

And the Below / p. 106

Photography Museum (From the Dream) / p. 108

About the Author / p. 114

Praise for the Series / p. 115

Margaret A. Harrell is the author of eight "consciousness-research" books. Nothing was ever ordinary about Harrell's life. This book reveals much of its amazing wealth and depth—from the New York City Greenwich Village days, to marriage to a Belgian poet, to the spiritual initiations that began in the 80s. For the last two decades she has studied—since 2001 taught—transformative courses, notably the "light body." Her academic background includes Duke University, Columbia University and the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich.

In Gonzo Letters II she is acknowledged for her role as copy editor/Assistant Editor of Hunter S. Thompson’s first book. There, he searches for someone who will "'prod me unmercifully, in the same way a copy editor named Margaret Harrell kept me locked to the daily grindstone on the Hell's Angel’s book.' . . . Thompson looked to his Hell's Angels copy editor for help dealing with 'the down side of success.'" She is currently preparing a memoir about those NYC days, which will reveal some unknown pages in the life of Hunter. To be notified when this book goes to print, sign up on

I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apopraechs!

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