It's Comin'
It's Comin'
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As the people of the black communities began to understand the dynamics of how things operated and began doing something about their situations instead of waiting for someone else to come and fix it for them, the price of everything began to cost plenty.


The blacks just spent more and more money (besides it was becoming to be no good anywhere but on the island anyway and stuff was coming form everywhere, everything but oil, and that was what the Anglish needed to keep their thing going.)






The Children



As children we are taught scriptures of religious beliefs. We're taught to be good, although mostly all we see is bad, the old don't do as you see, but as you are told, be good and you'll get to go to Heaven; don't steal, lie, kill, rob, or curse, for these are sins of evil.

But, upon understanding what we are reading from the written messages in books that the  world presents to us, we find that the world of people has been evil for a nice little while, and nothings been done about it for sometime now, but the judgement for all of this mishap is a comin', for what goes up must come down.

Is it the End?  And if so, end of what?  The World?  Surely not, I hope, for we've been taught that the  "Almighty Heavenly Father" is of pure Love, and what is of Pure Love would not destroy what has never done any wrong, the world was peaceful before the coming of mankind, surely it would be after that kinda man have come and gone.

Is this to say that all mankind is evil and must be destroyed?  No!  It's just to say that for all those that are not evil, it's about that time to decided who their going to follow, and why are they following, for in order to lead one must know how to follow, but for how long must one follow?  And where are thou leading one to? Are these instructions from the creator of life? Or is this just something that someone just want somebody to go for so that they can go on doing whatever it is that they want to do.

Have not thou once been a child, and been taught to grow into the leadership of men?  Also if one needed to be taught anymore, who shall do the teaching?

What should the teaching be about?  For were we not all once children?  Which means one only knows as much and another has to take it from there; we who have any sort of understanding can do that, for every man's a King and every woman's a Queen!

All one has to do is apply themself and do what's necessary.

Just what is this world's society true purpose?  R.C. Beckom a graduate from the "School of Hard Knocks" grew up living in a society not design for people with no self-esteem.  As a black man he found himself "Having to learn the ways of a society that he and people like him had nothing to do with putting together, but, would find themselves victims of if they did not learn that society rules and regulations.


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