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Overcome with emotion after watching his son play in his first collegiate basketball game, Jeff was inspired to tell the story of how his son overcame a massive brain tumor, double vision, and zero balance to receive a basketball scholarship and earn a starting position on his college team.  Through telling his son’s story, it is Jeff’s desire to give hope to those who are lost, inspiration to those who despair, and vision to those who cannot see past the obstacles that life has placed in their path.

Saddled with a brain tumor and double vision at the age of 13, my son, Eric Elliott, found himself fighting for his life. In the midst of his turmoil and pain, Eric not only managed to survive but somehow found the courage to make his childhood dream of playing college basketball a reality.

In his first college game, Eric found himself open for a three-point shot and took it.  Swish!  Defying all odds, Eric had made his first collegiate basket.  Moments later, Eric again found himself wide open for a three-point shot.  This time, he was four feet beyond the three point line.  Still filled with confidence from his first basket, he took the shot. Swish!!  Two in a row!

At that moment, as his mother, Ruth, and I stood applauding, we were both filled with an overwhelming sense of pride.   I couldn’t help but recount in my mind the mountain of obstacles that Eric had overcome to arrive at this day.  Most who sat in the stands with us would never know that a small piece of the original brain tumor diagnosed in January, 1999, still remains.  To the fans who watched him or the opponents he faced on the court, he was just one of many good college basketball players.  To me, however, he was the boy who overcame double vision.  He was the boy who couldn’t run without falling yet now performed aerial acrobatics while driving to the basket.  He was the boy who shot the basketball four feet to the right of the rim, who now swished three pointers with consistency.  He was the boy who had become a man, who had overcome all obstacles in his path to achieve what all of his doctors said he would never do again.  As I continued to applaud Eric, my eyes welled up with tears.  I was overcome with emotion; for I had just witnessed the impossible become reality.  By the grace of God and Eric’s strong will and determination, we witnessed what many have described as a “miracle.”

* The story was published in Angels on Earth magazine - Nov., 1999

* Recreated on PAX TV- It’s a Miracle - April, 2000

* Featured in The Pantagraph - Feb. 12, 2000

* Featured in The Pantagraph - Jan. 31, 1999

* Featured on WJBC radio talk show

* Featured on WMBD TV Sports - “Extra Effort Award” - January 2003

Since the books release on 9-24-04, Jeff has appeared on the following: 
WOC radio - Davenport, IA
KBUR radio - Burlington, IA
WMBD radio - Peoria, IL
WJBC radio - Bloomington, IL
WDFN radio - Detroit, MI
KCTE radio - Kansas City, MO
WXRL radio - Lancaster, NY
WMRD radio - Middletown, CT
WLIS radio - Old Saybrook, CT

KXNO radio - Des Moines, IA

KZNE radio - College Station, TX

WEEK TV - Peoria, IL

WMBD TV - Peoria, IL

Channel 10 - Illinois State University

CNN Local Edition

KCCI TV - Des Moines, IA

WOI TV - Des Moines, IA

WHO TV - Des Moines, IA

Jeff Elliott is a full-time firefighter for the town of Normal, in Illinois.  Married to his wife Ruth for 23 years, they have two children, Jennifer 21, and Eric 19.


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