What Not To Do When Seeking Employment
What Not To Do When Seeking Employment
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If you were born in the last century, it is probable that you have been unemployed, or will be unemployed, in your lifetime! Lots of experts have written books on how to conduct job searches. This is the first book that identifies what not to do when seeking employment. The author has shared his 40-year career experiences as a job-seeker and employer. The book reveals the unpublished realities of some small, medium and large organizations. Flip through the book. At the end of each chapter you will find lists totaling over 180 “Don’ts” to avoid in a job search or in an under-employment situation. Topics include mindset, pressures, preparation, options, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing overview, telephone interviewing, in-person interviewing and a straight forward story of how the author’s real life experiences relate to his job-hunting advice.

What if you were unemployed tomorrow?

Most people in the workforce today either have lost a job or will lose a job as their companies go through buyouts, competitive mergers, divestitures, labor force reductions, hostile takeovers, rightsizing, downsizing or restructuring. Some will even become victims of executive fraud, such as allegedly happened to thousands of former employees of Enron, Tyco, Adelphia and Security Trust.

This is a meat and potatoes book without a lot of garnish. You will want to read the book from cover to cover before you “don’t do the right thing” in your job hunt. Then keep it handy on the book shelf for future reference. After all, the book you are holding is essentially a reference manual.

What Not to Do When Seeking Employment is a one-of-a-kind resource highlighting the

don’ts of looking for, or holding on to, a position. It is based on the author’s actual experiences gleaned over a 40-year career of employment, under-employment and unemployment. Because the book is based on fact, readers can relate to and share my ups and downs to better advance their own careers. In other words, here is your opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

The book also reveals the hidden realities of employment in small, medium and large businesses, such as nepotism, discrimination, office politics, management quirks, and hidden agendas that are kept from the employees.

The contents are based primarily on my actual employment experiences from high school to the present. In this book, I will address job hunting issues from the jobseeker’s view point, the employer’s viewpoint and as an executive search consultant.

Contained in this saga are cautions on what not to do when seeking employment. At the end of each chapter is a list of Don’ts for easy review if you choose not to be entertained (or bored) with my real life experiences in the employment and unemployment arena.

The book also covers important topics, such as: the job seeker’s mindset; pressures that relate to earning an income; and the pitfalls involved in  keeping a job, seeking new employment or getting through periods of unemployment. It also covers options for those who are­—or wish to become—self-employed. I have twice chosen to be self-employed and at this point in my career I know that I will never work for anyone else except as a subcontractor.

Jay Crawford is a human resource generalist who has provided problem-solving, security and management services for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Jay offers a 40-year track record in successful security management.  He became Board Certified in Security Management in 1982 and was awarded the Certified Protection Professional lifetime designation in January 2002. His employment experience includes information security, investigations, physical security, integrated electronic systems and crime prevention for numerous industries, the United States Government, contract and proprietary security organizations. 

He has published numerous articles on security-related topics and has been active in many civic and professional organizations.

Jay holds a Business and Industrial Management Degree.

He is a USMC Vietnam Veteran.


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