The Ark of Millions of Years
The Ark of Millions of Years
New Discoveries and Light on The Creation
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One of the hottest topics of discussion in the world today is the creation of the Earth. There are so many points of view from so many ages that nobody thought there would ever be one work that could explain it all. Until now. The Ark of Millions of Years is an ancient title. The authors have done this title justice by compiling and decoding all the schools of thought into one exciting work. From the Rabbi to the priest to the astronomer to the astro-physicist to the armchair archeologist, there is tremendous food here for all. You will see the scriptures as you have never seen them. You will understand the pyramids, the temples of the Yucatan, and the very stars in heaven as well as the greatest scholars. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Through space and time this book answers more questions and provides more understanding between its covers than anything written in any language. Period. Why? Because this work combines the works of a dozen ages into a landmark publication in the genre of world creation. If you''re thinking about writing a book, this will be in your bibliography. Each time you refer to its pages throughout your life you will learn something else about the nature of the universe, our earth, and perhaps your very soul. Knowing the origin of the earth, the scope of its present, and the potential of its future will add limitless power to your knowledge.

There is a place of intersection between the libraries and universities full of rigid thinkers and the pure and simple knowledge man seems to have had since the first stylus was laid to clay or gold. There are indeed many dimensions. Mathematicians and physicists are catching up to prophets. As they do, we will all be able to read and scribble out not only the proof, but will be able to insert our minds and perhaps our bodies into the process and really discover the universe. Like fish in the sea, man has innocently imagined his realm beneath the ionosphere as the whole of the universe. Right now we can only look at lights, whose realities are millennia away and older than the earth itself. Right now, if there were a planet belched from the maelstrom of the galaxy by a nova or a rupturing black hole at the speed of light, we would not be granted the time to even pray before its collision with our solar system. It would physically arrive shortly after its image reflected in the mirrors of our most powerful telescopes.

The ocean’s sentient occupants steal glimpses of the stars through a calm sea and may circumnavigate the globe, but never dream of moving beyond the rich liquid bounty through which they fly. The intersection between the air and the surface of the sea is the boundary of their universe. They are unaware of cities and farms and classrooms. Does this mean they don’t exist? No. If a dolphin from Sea World was educated in all the ways of man, including space travel and hypersonic flight through the air, and then returned to the sea where he could pass along this great knowledge to other dolphins would he be labeled a heretic? Would he be followed as a prophet or honored as a great explorer? What would his knowledge of the hyper-universe be worth to his dolphin brothers? Would he forever leap into the air and strain to see a plane or a satellite or the bright lights of the city?

The vast majority of people wander through life asleep; unaware of the hyper-universes above them. But, there are a few of us who are awake, and live in a constant state of amazement. To be able to jump between the threads of the bed sheet universe may allow us to see these universes, and thus the explanation of the past of our existence. If small particles can be accelerated to many times the speed of light, or pass between dimensions like a universe made like a hall of mirrors, then it too must be possible for larger particles, such as planets, to do so as well. Every human who correctly arrived at the conclusion that there is a creator God also knows that our ignominious accomplishments do not give us the authority to disclaim this possibility. The water planet described in the Genesis creation long ago was divided. It’s daughter was moved in its clean and liquid state through the firmament to a place where the sun rules the day and the moon rules the night by passing from one dimension to another.

We know that black holes exist. We have recent and compelling evidence that Einstein’s theories about black holes are fairly accurate. Through decades of contemplation and long suffering, detectors have been engineered to provide data to test these theories. Piece by piece we have proven some things to be true. And, we have discovered even more than we imagined. The mathematics it takes to describe these quantum changes on a scale larger than two protons is not what this book is about. The concert playing across our telescopes contains countless vibrations. Some we can see with our eyes. Some we can hear with our ears. The ones that stray into our radio, x-ray, infrared, or gravitational telescopes are but a spec of sand in the Sahara compared to the truth of the universe. The authors want you to think about that. The intention is not to make the reader feel small, but to inspire the mind to stretch and comprehend that your potential is absolutely infinite, limited only by your ability to receive truth.

There are beings that know how the universe was made. They may indeed be in the process of making it still. If you believe you are a descendant of those beings then your mind is authorized to think well beyond the surface of the planet from which we pray. Think beyond the rocket-reached system imagined upon each cloudless night for guidance and inspiration. Open your mind to imagine that billions of solar systems lay beyond even your most powerful gaze. Believe that you were meant to know about them.

Perhaps civilizations, long since vanished from this planet, may have known far more than our most brilliant scientists could hope. When we find them, will we destroy their records in fear? Will we bury their cities and melt down their books like forbidden fairy tales? Will we ignore them unless canonized by some robed authority? Will we call them a cult and close our minds to the possibility that the Creator spoke to someone other than our earthly affiliate? What fish-like absurdity.

The writers are begging you to leap into the sky one more time. Grab hold of our hands. In the next few chapters we will carry you to a place where the scientist and the prophet dwell in harmony. We can hardly wait!

E. J. Clark is the classic American explorer.  E. J. has personally crawled through the passage ways of pyramids, temples, jungles, and museums of ancient history.  Every point of interest recorded by ancient interpreters of the creation and metamorphosis of the Earth has been sifted through curious hands for the reader''s enlightenment.  For 30 years E. J. has been compiling data, pictures, and testimonies for the writing of this book.  To say an entire lifetime of research has gone into it would be an understatement.  With the passion of an armchair archeologist and the tenacity of an astronomer E. J. has acquired a skill set that uniquely explains the mysteries of the eternities.  Dr. B. Alexander is a published PhD physicist with decades of research in the spectrometry of creation. As an exceptional writer and accomplished scriptural scholar he has been able to build the bridge between evolution and creationism.  The reader may search for a lifetime and not find a better partnership of authors to reveal the most incredible story in the universe.

Unlike most books in this genre, this book is an easy read. The Authors do a GREAT JOB of putting cryptic texts, myths, legends, ancient texts and knowledge preserved in oral traditions by the worlds greatest Priests and Shaman. This book answers MOST if not all the questions about the creation of the universe by intelligent design with a consciousness. It also explains why the World we live in seems so screwed up and UNGODLY, causing mankind to stray away from it's divine spirituality and plunging mankind into an age of Darkness. This book should be in every type of educational classroom the the WORLD!!! Sit back and let your brain soak up all the knowledge it has been denied for a the past Million Years.
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