Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
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A complete guide to understanding the real world of gambling and its consequences. Can be of enormous help and benefit for all kinds of gamblers or potential gamblers. Provides knowledge and guidance to teach teenagers and adults how to end or never begin a gambling experience. (Please visit our website at for more details about the book)

Welcome to the real world of gambling. This book thoroughly covers the anti-gambling facts about casinos, horse racetracks, sports betting, stock market trading, internet gambling websites, card games, bingo parlors, gambling machines, lotteries and more. In this book the businesses that comprise these types of gambling are referred to as the “gambling industry.” The gambling industry besides using the word “gambling” will use a variety of different names to describe what they are and do. They often call what they are and do by names such as “gaming” or “games of chance.” They must feel that these names are more appealing than the word “gambling.” They use these different names and other ways to convey good feelings and positive thoughts about themselves. But that does not change what they are and do. What they are and do is gambling. There are not any good feelings or positive thoughts about the gambling industry in this book.  

The practice of the gambling industry is to take as much money, credit and assets from their customers as quickly and often as possible. They have been very successful at this practice. They acquire huge profits from this practice. The huge profits from this practice are in direct proportion to the huge losses suffered by their customers. This practice of the gambling industry poses a problem for everyone who patronizes them. All customers of the gambling industry have a gambling problem. The problem is only a matter of degree. This book is here to help you solve or prevent this problem. (Please visit our website at for the beginning chapters of the book)

Stephen Katz is a graduate of Penn State University having majored in finance. Since graduation he has worked for over twenty-five years in the printing hardware and supply business mostly dealing with engineering and design applications. He has been involved with gambling since being a teenager having gambled many thousands of times at casinos, horse racetracks, stock brokerage firms, sporting events, card games and more. He has experimented with hundreds of different gambling systems, strategies and techniques. He has discussed gambling with thousands of other gamblers. He has explored the world of gambling to the fullest. (Please visit our website at for more about the author)


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