Mirror Images
Mirror Images
Is this a genetic link to spirit?/ Aubrey Nye explores the look-alike phenomena
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  • You walk into a room and there in front of you is not a ghost, but the actual person that you know is dead.
  • You have just talked to a friend in another country and suddenly they appear, walking down the street.  You approach them, calling their name, but they do not recognize you.
  • You see your wife sitting at the bar, talking to another man.  You go over to her and she vehemently denies knowing you, showing you her license which is not that of your wife.
  • You are sitting at a bus stop and suddenly see an old friend of yours get off the bus, but they have not aged for 20 years, and when you say their name, they look.
  • The police come knocking at your door to arrest you for a crime you did not commit, and yet there was a witness that will swear it was you.

Mirror Images is about researching the look-alike phenomena that has previously only been known through celebrity look-alikes and the doppelganger.  Aubrey Nye has discovered that  we may really have a double walking around . . . not just similar copies of ourselves. With this experience, some very strange synchronicities are going on that flirt with our definition of the supernatural, and yet they are very, very, real.  It is as if there is a natural cloning method already going on within our DNA.

  • The research of this fascinating, unknown phenomena will take you into many areas of the look-alike. Some of these are:
  • The doppelganger, a forecast of death.
  • The Celebrity look-alike and doubles used for actors and politicians.
  • Is there an unknown coding within our DNA?
  • Innocent people being accused of crimes that their look-alike committed.
  • Finding the “right” model type for you; a new dating technique.
  • Knowing how a person will respond when you first meet them.
  • Experiences that will SHOCK you!

What are we?  Who are we?  More than machine?  More than a random cell evolution over millions of years? The Model Type Theory based on research of the look-alike brings about the awareness of how we can glean knowledge through each other and through our recognition of our own model type.  What can you see in the humans that are all around you if you really pay attention??  You may find yourself actually standing in front of you--what then?  What is there?  Who is there? And, what is to be found within the shell of human flesh? . . . Does this genetic link lead us to spirit??

Researching the look-alike phenomena poses the question that there may be an intent to who we are and the type of body we are housed within and presupposes that there is a method to the madness called Life!

To send pictures and experiences for further research or finding the look-alike type for you, go to:  http://www.personalcommunications.net

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi

Chapter 1

You may see someone you know has died, and it’s not a ghost.   You may see someone walking down the street, after you just talked to them in another city, country.  You may see your spouse or someone else’s with someone other than their spouse, and thinks it is them, but it’s not really them.  You may know someone has aged 20 or 30 years but when you see them walking down the street, they haven’t aged at all since you saw them 30 years ago.  You may be accused of a crime, or even murder, and you know you didn’t have anything to do with it but the witness swears it was you!   You may hear someone call your name, first and last and see someone who looks just like you responding.  You may look in your rearview mirror and see you staring back from another truck that is exactly like yours.    You may run into yourself wearing the same clothes, same haircut, even the same tattoo.  Or stranger still, you may see two of you that look exactly like you but of a different gender. And once in awhile you see a whole family that is not the family that you know, but looks like them!!!

These are experiences people have written to me about, from all around the world.  I have had many that were just like this next experience; Dorothy McGee wrote me of hers: 


Well, when I was a little girl my mom used to take me to this ‘mall’, which we’d just call an oversized strip mall today, so that I could ride my bike in the unused part of the lot.  My grandmother and her would sit in the car and watch people walk by (which I never really understood).”

One time the mall was almost closed with the exception of a High’s Convenience Store, so I rode my bike on the sidewalk that day.  I’d stopped outside the door of High’s to check on the back tire of my bike and an older man came out.  He grabbed my arm and told me that I was a bad girl for leaving the car and that he was going to give me a whooping.  I was very frightened, so I tried to pull away from him and started screaming for him to let go.  My mother heard me and came running with my grandmother behind her.  When she got there she told the man to let go of me!  He told her to ‘stay out of his business!’  Between my mother pulling one arm and him pulling the other, I felt like a rope in tug-of-war.  I don’t think he felt so good either when my grandmother started beating his back, but he wouldn’t let go.”

“Needless to say, all of this attracted the attention of a police officer who was patrolling the area.  Both the man and my mother were in a heated shouting match over whose kid I was, and the officer got me away from both of them and put me in his car until they could settle the issue.  Basically, the officer asked me who was right and I told him.  The man pulled out a picture of his daughter, and no one could believe the resemblance.  The only difference between the two of us was the hair cut!!!”

The next experience points out some of those strange similarities that identical twins will have, but these two were look-alikes.

“In 1900 King Umberto of Italy came face to face with a man who looked just like him.  The king and his aide-de-camp Gen. Emiho Ponzio-Vaglia arrived in the town of Monza, a few miles outside Milan.  The next day the king was to present the prizes at an athletic meet.  The night of their arrival he and his aide went to a small restaurant for dinner.  As the owner was taking their order, the king noticed that he and the patron were virtually doubles, in both face and build.  He remarked on this, and as the two men talked an extraordinary series of parallels emerged which caused both of them to marvel. Both were born on the same day, year, same town, and had the same name.  They were both married on April 22, 1868.  Both wives were named Margarita, and they both had a son named Vittorio.  They had been decorated for bravery together on two occasions, the first time in 1866, when Umberto had been a private and the king a colonel, and the second time in 1870, when each had been promoted to sergeant and corps commander.  With this final revelation the patron returned to his duties, and the king, turning to his aide, said, ‘I intend to make that man a Cavaliere of the Crown of Italy tomorrow.  Be sure he comes to the meet.’”

“The following day, true to his word, the king asked for his double only to be told that the man had died that day in a shooting accident.  Shocked, the king asked his aide to find out when the funeral was to take place so that he might attend.  At that very moment three shots rang out, fired by an assassin.  The first of them missed the king, but the second two pierced his heart and killed him instantly.”

Fact is stranger than fiction!!!

If we ackn

Aubrey Nye is the owner of her company, Personal Communications.   She has a vast resource of experience that she has accrued throughout her career to pass on in teachings of empowerment through classes, workshops, speaking engagements, self-help tapes, yoga instructor and an accomplished artist and writer.  Aubrey has been helping people change their lives for over 15 years through her private practice with Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Faces have been one of her main areas of concentration throughout her life of working as a courtroom artist for CBS, sketch artist for the FBI and a portrait artist for over 30 years.

To send pictures and experiences for further research or finding the look-alike type for you, go to:  http://www.personalcommunications.net

A new book will be coming out soon, called The Universe Speaks on communicating with consciousness and spirit in understanding and creating your reality.


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